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Ask The Experts: Junya Chen, No. 115

Ask The Experts: Junya Chen, No. 115

Butterfly Table Tennis Question and Answer Blade

Blade: Yinhe N-9
Forehand Rubber: Victas VS > 402 Limber
Backhand Rubber: Tenergy 64

Question: I am an Intermediate Offensive Player who is wishing to transition to equipment that better matches my play. I like the Soft feeling that my currently Tenergy 64 provides for me, but my blade is very, very stiff. I don’t like that my blade is super stiff, it just does not feel nice in my hand. I am looking for an offensive blade that is not too stiff (medium – stiff) that will match my Tenergy 64s. Additionally, very interested in the entire Innerforce Layer series (I have looked into ZLC and ALC), Viscaria, and the Liu Shiwen ZLF blade, it would be greatly appreciated to get help on what specific blades can provide for me and maybe some recommendations.

Coach Junya Chen, Ask The ExpertsAnswer: Hello Alex,

Thanks for showing interest in Butterfly products.

I will recommend you to choose Innerforce Layer ZLC. This racket has a mix of carbon & fiber. It gives you a soft feel while it provides you with excellent speed.

Innerforce Layer ZLC is a great match with Tenergy rubbers. Notably Tenergy 64 for backhand, Tenergy 05 or Tenergy 80 for forehand, they are all great choices and widely used by many professional athletes.

 Good luck!

Junya Chen
Canadian Elite Table Tennis Training Centre Head Coach

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