Ask The Experts: CHANGWOO LIM, No. 170, Butterfly question & answer

Ask The Experts: CHANGWOO LIM, No. 170, Butterfly question & answer

Ask The Experts: CHANGWOO LIM, No. 170, Butterfly question & answer

Butterfly Table Tennis Question and Answer

Blade: Donic Senso
Forehand Rubber: 
Backhand Rubber: Dornenglanz II (spinlord) OX

Question: Hello, I want to change the racket. I am a defensive player who plays with OX spinlord dornenglanz II in backhand, I like to attack with that rubber but it complicates me to be a purely defensive rubber. I would like to attack more of the backhand while still having a block and cut on the same side, I was seeing that the FEINT AG gives the possibility of being able to attack. What defensive blade can you recommend to me to put the FEINT AG? Is FEINT AG the best option for what I want? for me the important thing is to be able to maintain the option of answering any serve, to be able to cut and block on the table but I need to attack with more ease in my backhand.


Answer: Hi Andre,
It seems that you want to make a significant transition in your equipment.

I agree that a softer long pips out rubber like Feint AG will help you be more offensive on your backhand, but keep in mind that it may not allow the same kind of defensive receives as your former medium-hard long pimple out rubber. Using OX, by hardness I mean the hardness of the pips themselves. Usually better offensive capability relates to ability to generate topspin or have a predictable margin of landing attacks on the table but it can be at odds with the deceptive quality of the pips in their ability to trick your opponents. If you want to incorporate more offense specifically on your backhand while keeping long pips I would say that Feint AG is a good choice.

As for the blade, perhaps a sharper feeling defensive blade such as a Innershield Layer ZLF will be in tune with your offensive inclinations.

Remember that with any equipment changes you will need time to adjust your feeling and shots are heavily dependent on technique as well as rubber and blade.

There is no single best long pimple rubber but Feint AG will indeed allow you to have good cuts and blocks with more offensive capability than your current setup

Best of luck!
Coach Lim
Han-In Table Tennis Club