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Ask The Experts: Louis Levene, No. 384

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I play close to the table very offensively, I have a powerful forehand. As soon as I can attack from topspin, I attack the ball. I play close to the table because I usually take the offensive initiative of the game, but if the other player presses me more than I do him, he takes the middle distance, I also seek control of the game through precise and aggressive topspin, and that is, I seek to finish the point quickly. I have played Innerforce ALC (with tenergy 80 and 05 on both sides), and then I switched to Jun Mizutani SuperZLC 2 years ago (I currently use Dignics 80 and 05 on both sides). I have noticed that the handle of the Mizutani shovel (I play it in AN) is thin and sometimes I lose my grip and raise my hand too much and hit with my finger. Still, it’s something I’m correcting. I’ve seen the new Harimoto SuperZLC, I like the Limba feel of my old ALC innerforce and my current Jun Mizutani Super ZLC. My question is this. Which wood will make me better in all aspects of the game, for this type of offensive player profile?: JMSZLC vs THarimotoSZLC. The main reason I changed wood is because I wanted to be more offensive, a faster attack. But right now, I don’t know which wood of the 2 benefits me the most. And as for the tires, the configuration I plan to use now is FH: change from my current Dignics 80 vs the new Dignics 09C (mm Max). BH: keep my current Dignics 05 (mm Max) vs Dignics 09C (8mm Max). What wood and rubber configuration do you recommend? I do not mind changing my current material completely again, what I am looking for is an offensive game of close and medium distance with good blocking and effect to subtract the counterattacks and soon return to take the initiative of the point through aggressive topspin, both forehand and backwards. In the serve I look for a lot of effect, but as a bag with the right rubber it has to be powerful to continue the aggressive point. I can be patient with the defenders, but I look for the topspin when I can. And with what they attack more than me, because I try to block them on the table or move away a little to look for the offensive game. I am looking for attack and dominance in the point, power, control, direct balls, with a lot of spin, a good blocking. * Attack wood, which wood to choose?: JMizutaniSZLC, THarimotoSZLC, ZJikeSZLC, PFranciskaZLC, Revoldia CNF, Viscaria, Innerforce ZLC? I am looking for an offensive game with an aggressive spin, direct and without compromise from near and medium distance. And a good block to enter into an offensive spin contract. * Right rubber: D09c vs D80? * Backhand rubber: D05 vs D80 vs D09C?


Your Ask the Experts question was answered by Louis Levene. He is a Content Creator on YouTube (channel: Looeelooee) focused on helping viewers improve their table tennis. Coach Levene’s response is as follows:

Hi Miguel,  
Thanks for your question!  
As you like to play aggressively and close to the table, I would recommend that you stick with your Jun Mizutani Super ZLC.  
The Harimoto Super ZLC blade has the Super ZLC on an inner layer, while the Mizutani blade has it on an outer layer. This gives the Mizutani blade a stiffer, sharper, and more direct feel in comparison to the Harimoto. This will benefit you when going for quick off-the-bounce counter attacks and make adding power feel more effortless.  
I think that switching from Dignics 80 to Dignics 09C is a great idea on the forehand. 09C is a fantastic rubber for close to the table power play, and the tacky top sheet ensures that despite the hard and fast sponge, you will still have control and spin on touch shots and serves due to the increased dwell time. It has quite a unique throw angle that keeps the ball very low and deep but also makes it easy to add hook to the shot.  
For the backhand rubber, I would stay away from the 09c, and use either the Dignics 05 or the Dignics 80. The reason for this is that 09c requires huge acceleration to create high quality balls, which makes common backhand shots like flipping or playing a spinny initial loop much more unforgiving. In terms of choosing between the 05 or the 80, the 05 is going to have a higher throw angle, while the 80 will feel a little more direct. I personally use Dignics 05 on my backhand and it suits my game really well. It’s stable in the common backhand to backhand rally, and has many gears. I can play a soft, spinny opening and know that the rubber will be forgiving, and if I go for an extremely powerful shot, the ball still has high quality. I also find both blocking and punching with Dignics 05 to be very effortless. Based on the way you described your game, which sounds very similar to mine, I think you would be fine with the 80 or the 05, and would get used to whichever you decide to play with. Just remember that the 80 will have a lower throw angle and feel more direct, while the 05 will be slightly more forgiving and have more arc.   
Going back to the blade, if you wanted something even stiffer than the Jun Mizutani SZLC, you might want to consider the Primorac Carbon. You would need to have very advanced level touch to be able to control this blade close to the table, and it would produce less spin than the Mizutani SZLC, but you would be getting significantly more speed, making close table power shots even more effortless. I personally would still recommend the Mizutani, but this may be something to think about as well.   
Please feel free to reach back out if you have any more questions!  
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