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4 Quick Picks: Table Tennis Flicks

Table tennis is an amazingly engaging sport played by millions worldwide. In 2016, there were roughly 16.57 million ping pong player over the age of six. With such an international presence, table tennis has staked its own niche claim in pop culture with several thoroughly engaging films. If you’re a table tennis enthusiast, the following are must-see movies.

1. Balls of Fury
This comedy follows the life of washed up table tennis pro Randy Daytona who has been sent on a mission by an FBI agent to defeat a criminal on the Most Wanted list. A ridiculous plot, plentiful ping pong racket action, and a poignant message places this goofy movie in the must-watch category for any table tennis fan.

2. As One
Based on the true story of the first ever post-war Unified Korea sports team, As One captures the emotion and significance of their victory at the World Table Tennis Championships in 1991. Never has such a divided nation felt such unity, nor has a film ever been able to capture it quite as well as director Moon Hyun-sung did here.

3. Top Spin
This critically acclaimed documentary is a window into the world of competitive ping pong. It follows the story of three tenacious teens vying for victory on an ever-growing stage in pursuit of Olympic glory. The use of documentary as a medium for telling a coming of age story is nearly as inspired as the skills these young athletes possess.

 4. Ping Pong Playa
Aspiring rapper C-Dub wants to do and be everything but a ping pong player. The problem is, he comes from a long line of table tennis pros. When tragedy strikes his family, though, he must face his destiny head-on. This rip-roaring comedy will leave you in stitches, but not without an emotional surge here and there.

If you are a lover of all things ping pong, these are the movies for you. From flying table tennis balls to the clash of ping pong paddles, these heartwarming and gut-busting films will get you in the mood to practice all night long. So break out the popcorn and relax, but beware! By the time you’re done watching you’ll be ready to go buy more table tennis balls and enter a tournament.

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