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“For me who has been using butterfly equipment for a long time, the model racket of famous players is special. Now, I am very happy that the racket with my name is one of them.”


” I like the good points. It’s easy to control service, receive, stop, and block when a strong ball is hit. The gold lens of the grip is a beautiful accent. “PF mark with initials” I also came up with an idea. I think it’s a simple and wonderful design that doesn’t depend on the times, so I’m glad that everyone liked it. “

Patrick Franziska Signature

Franziska Innerforce ZLC

It is a racket with inner fiber specifications equipped with ZL carbon used by Germany’s main player Franziska. It has both high momentum and a feeling of grabbing the ball, and is recommended for players who want a powerful attack and a sense of stability. The combination of a simple coloring grip and a shining lens with initials engraved with a motif mark expresses a stoic figure trying to find light through rigorous practice.

Franziska Innerforce ZLC

Franziska Innerforce ZLC: Full Blade

Franziska Innerforce ZLC: Front Handle

Franziska Innerforce ZLC: Back Handle

Franziska Innerforce ZLC: 5 Ply Wood + 2 ZLC (Innerfiber)

Franziska Innerforce ZLC: Look for FL, ST & AN Handle Styles

Patrick Franziska Combination

Franziska player combination

“In my personal opinion, the Tenergy 05 and Dignics 05 I’m currently using are the best fit for this racket. The racket itself has a good ball holding, so it’s important to stick a rubber that speeds up. I think. These rubbers are important when you have to hit a ball with power and rotation a few meters away from the table.
This racket emphasizes players and attacks who prefer a balanced game . It is a racket that I would like to recommend to players who want to play. I would like to recommend it not only to players who emphasize control when playing defensively, but also to players who aim for counter drive from defensive to offensive. “

* 2021 As of June 1, 2014

Patrick Franziska (Germany)

Born June 11, 1992. Right shake attack type. 2019 World Championship mixed doubles 3rd place.
He is active as a leading player in Germany with a style that mixes powerful attacks that make use of his good physique and solid play.

* The clothing worn by Franziska is not for sale in Japan.

Patrick Franziska (Germany)

Patrick Franziska #1

Patrick Franziska #2

Patrick Franziska #3

Patrick Franziska #4

Patrick Franziska #5

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