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(by Larry Hodges) Many players confuse anticipation with reaction. Reaction is when you see what the opponent is going to do and then respond to it. (You can usually do so before he actually hits the ball, often early in their forward swing. Reaction is almost always more important than anticipation, but both have their […]

Developing Fast Reflexes

(by Larry Hodges) “I have slow reflexes!” I’ve heard that so many times in my coaching career and in every case, the player was wrong. Why? Because they don’t understand what gives a person fast reflexes, and how to develop them. Nerve impulses from the brain to the muscles travel at about the same speed […]

Coaching Tip Of The Week – Five Ways To Force An Opponent Out Of Position

(by Larry Hodges) One of the best ways of winning a point is to force an opponent out of position. There are many ways of doing this. (Many start with serve.) Here are some of the best! (Note that “middle” means the transition point between forehand and backhand, roughly the playing elbow.) Attack middle, then […]

Coaching Tip Of The Week – Consistent Contact Leads to Consistency

(by Larry Hodges) There’s a stereotype of Chinese table tennis coaches that they often do just two things during a practice session – watch the player’s feet and listen to the contact. (I often do this as well.) The latter tells the coach if the player is making good contact. Top players contact the ball […]

NeuroPong & Table Tennis Connections

(by: Antonio Barbera, Table Tennis Connections Founder & CEO) Table Tennis Connections is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Fort Collins, CO, that wants to increase the awareness about the benefits of table tennis for everybody. It is a table tennis community and, as such, it values diversity, inclusion and connections between human beings. It […]

2022 Fremont BUTTERFLY June Open

  Join the FTTA Family. Fremont Table Tennis Academy (FTTA), sponsored by world leader Butterfly, is located in Fremont and San Ramon. FTTA is one of the premier table tennis places to play ping-pong. Students often win first place locally and medals nationally. FTTA has table-tennis classes for ping-pong beginners with no prior experience to national […]

New York Indoor Sports Club June Table Tennis Tournament

  New York Indoor Sports Club is NYC’s premier Indoor Table Tennis Facility for professionals, junior athletes and recreational players. With over 15,000 Square Feet of space, spacious ceilings and 17 Professional Butterfly Tables available for play, NYISC hosts the best indoor table tennis facility in New York City. Indoor Sports Club coaches are highly […]

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WAB CLUB FEATURE: Allen & Sons Table Tennis Club

February 5, 2023
(by Steve Hopkins) Located in the San Fernando Valley, North of Santa Monica and Malibu in the greater Los… Read More

Dusseldorf Stays One Up on Surging Saarbrucken in TTBL

February 5, 2023
(by Steve Hopkins) Borussia Dusseldorf is hanging on to the top spot in the German League.  Their league… Read More

Harimoto Clan: Interview with Parents of Miwa and Tomokazu

February 5, 2023
(by Steve Hopkins) A news item today in Germany noted that editorial teams of tischtennis and myTischtennis have… Read More

Another Week, Another Sweep: China Dominates WTT Feeder Amman

February 4, 2023
(by Steve Hopkins, photo ITTFWorld) A week ago, there was a Chinese sweep in Doha. This week, the… Read More

Butterfly Training Tips with Darryl Tsao – Looping From Underspin

February 3, 2023
(by :Bowmar Sports Team) In this Butterfly Training Tips, Darryl Tsao is focusing on executing an opening loop… Read More

Butterfly Training Tips With Simeon Martin – Stroke Management Multi Ball

February 1, 2023
(by: Bowmar Sports Team) In this Butterfly Training Tips, Simeon Martin is focusing on a opening loop from… Read More

Don’t Fix a Problem You’ve Already Fixed

January 31, 2023
(by Larry Hodges) You’ve spent a lot of time working on a shot, and it’s now somewhat ingrained.… Read More

2023, 58th Robo-Pong St. Joseph Valley Open

January 31, 2023
(by: South Bend TT Club) Saturday, Mar 18 – Sunday, Mar 19, 2023 Venue: Indiana University at South Bend… Read More
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