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Butterfly Rozena Table Tennis Rubber review

Rozena: A Non-Pro Review

(by Steve Hopkins)

I recently had opportunity to try Butterfly Rozena,

I’ve been playing with Butterfly Tenergy and Dignics rubbers for some time.  Most recently I have had Dignics 09c on my forehand and Dignics 05 on my backhand.  There are some interesting differences with this rubber and I’m going to try to relay those differences here as I see them.

As a 2000-level player, my analysis and comparison of equipment has limits.  I don’t have the arm speed of the pros, and I don’t rely on powerful loops or try to drive the ball through my opponent – so my review is on how this equipment works for me in a competitive setting.  I’m an all-around or control player that uses precise shots to set up high-percentage points.  I vary spin and speed, and my attacking shots generally occur when the other player has made a mistake or as a counter-attack using my opponent’s power against them.

Rozena uses tension technology, so its designed for the modern game.  It does a little of everything – solid spin, good touch close to the table, even the ability to chop.  It does not have the speed of the Dignics or Tenergy series that are very popular for the attacking players – but it makes up for it with control.  The ball stays on the paddle and this provides some forgiveness – just as the promotional materials for the rubber indicate.  That is, if you make contact with the ball, you’ll be able to make the subtle adjustments you need to place the ball.

I was able to serve with control both short and deep, I was able to soften shots to leave service returns near the net, and when one aims Rozena at a corner – the ball goes right where you aim.  It does not have the high loft and diving arc of some of the pro rubbers – but if your game is more about precisely placing balls around the table, you won’t be disappointed.

Increase your consistency, land a variety of spins and speeds, soften some of the shots that you opponents send to you, and win the rallies with Rozena.


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