Pong for One: Table Tennis Home Workouts. requests for home workout
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Pong for One: Table Tennis Home Workouts

Pong for One: Table Tennis Home Workouts

(by Steve Hopkins)

As many of us continue to be trapped at home, I have been getting lots of requests for home workout regimes that could benefit our sport.  For those of us with tables at home, there are options for limited practice.  However, for most of us (trapped without a table or a robot or without a playing partner), the best advice is to stay active.  Any aerobic exercise that can raise the heart rate is a good start.  Here are five videos with different table-tennis oriented aerobic exercise routines.  The first three are from AEROBIC TABLE TENNIS, an international movement sponsored by Butterfly that has helped keep kids active during school for the last several years.  The fourth is a shadow loop aerobic workout from Butterfly Coach Brian Pace.  The final video is a series of exercises for high-speed strength training from 3T Table Tennis Training a German group with a number of training videos on the web and Facebook.

Good luck with your training. ButterflyOnline looks forward to seeing you back at the tables when its safe.

1.  Aerobic Table Tennis: Hannah Hicks


Hannah Hicks is the current England Women’s number 3. Hannah fully supports the Aerobic Table Tennis programme, and also gives full support to the charity Pi…

2.  Aerobic Table Tennis:


Join in the latest worldwide fitness craze. perfect for schools, colleges, table tennis clubs and corporate team building events.

3.  Aerobic Table Tennis: Group Workout


4.  Shadow Loops – Table Tennis Aerobics with Brian Pace


The Loop Fundamentals Shadow Training Video is the most extensive video created that covers how to improve the Loop by taking you through a non-stop training…


5.  Table Tennis Exercises for High-Speed Strength Training


Exercises for speed training (high-speed strength) / Übungen für Schnelligkeitstraining (Schnellkraft) Music by Levente Kókai: http://www.redbugmusic.com/ Fi…


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