Open Doors: A Cautionary Korean Tale. Korea reported 57 new cases
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Open Doors: A Cautionary Korean Tale

Open Doors: A Cautionary Korean Tale

(by Steve Hopkins, photo from Yonhap News where caption notes this club in Western Seoul had a confirmed infection)

South Korea reported 57 new cases of COVID-19 today, a day after reporting 50 new cases.  This is two days in a row over a threshold of 50 – a government set limit on new cases that allows for loosening of social distancing rules.

Their government continues to trace contacts and to publicly note where their infection clusters originate.  In past weeks, those clusters have emerged from bars and businesses and churches.  This week, according to the article by The Korea Herald today, the culprits are a networking marketing firm and table tennis clubs.  It has taken authorities in South Korea several weeks to test and trace outbreaks – so the actual number of cases from the table tennis clubs noted in the article today may not be known for some time.   Obviously, table tennis in Korea is more popular than in the US – and these instances are in Seoul which is a major city with almost 10 million people.  That said, this is a city with loosened restrictions with all types of businesses and activities operating and it is table tennis that was singled out today.

As we open our clubs in the US, and as other sports and activities open as well – remain vigilant with occupancy limitations, social distancing, masks (in common areas definitely), and cleaning.  Let’s learn from the table tennis community, both in the US and abroad, and let’s stay safe.



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