It’s Time to Restock: We’ll See You at the Tables in June
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It’s Time to Restock: We’ll See You at the Tables in June

(by Steve Hopkins)

Some of the country has opened and most of the rest is on schedule to open in the next few weeks. Table tennis clubs will need time to comply with local rules and regulations, but very soon we are all going to have opportunities to return to the game that we love.  With that in mind, this may be a good time to get ready.

What’s the status of your current equipment?  How old was your blade in February – how worn were your rubber sheets?  I’m not suggesting that you scrap all your old shirts and that favorite pair of shoes, but it might make sense to dust off your bag and make sure you’re ready for when the doors open at your home club.

How about updates?  I can’t count the number of times that I held off trying out a new combination because there was a tournament or league that might be affected.  There is no such excuse right now.  You are out of practice and so are all your friends.  If there was ever a time to turn the page and start off with a blank slate, now is that time.  Have you been meaning to try Dignics?  Did you see the new Harimoto Innerforce Super ZLC blade?  Have you heard of the new CNF technology in the Revoldia?  Is your club ready to move to the S40+ before the next leagues start up – or before the next tournament is planned?

Plan your comeback carefully.  Remember that this is a sport – and some of us are going to need to build up slowly.  Over the next few weeks, we’ll be providing some articles with suggestions for building up strength and endurance.  Each of these is a component of your comeback.  A new routine with some new rules, increased physical activity and exercise , and the equipment that will help you reach the next level.

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