Buzz: US Junior Highlight – Sally Moyland
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Sally and somaTaiwan school team’s training in Yokohama with Sally Moylande of the Yokohama team working on repairing the table tennis pickup nets

Buzz: US Junior Highlight – Sally Moyland

Buzz: US Junior Highlight – Sally Moyland

(by Steve Hopkins)

Sally Moyland is a rising star from Freemont, California.  At just 12 years old, her USATT rating has already crossed 2200 (currently 2227).  At the US Nationals this summer, Sally won 24 of 32 matches and secured Gold Medals in both Mini Cadet Girls Singles and Mini Cadet Girls Teams. Her list of 2019 accomplishments also includes 5th place in the Elite Nationals (Taiwan), and 2nd place in the Elite North District U12.

Sally’s results aren’t limited to this year.  In 2017 she finished second in Girls U11 at the US Open and won the Girls U10 at the US Nationals.  And in 2016, she won Girls U9 at the US Open.  This is consistent performance and great results over several year, and she continues to improve.

It may be tough to continue the momentum of the US Nationals, but Sally Moyland will be trying to do just that as she prepares for the US Open later this year.

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