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Ask The Experts: Truong Tu, No. 247

Ask The Experts: Truong Tu, No. 247
Butterfly Table Tennis Question and Answer


Hello Dear coach Truong,

I am Wenyan and I did ask you some questions about two months ago. I really appreciate it. Right now, I have more questions want to hear from you. 

I have two blades at home, which are Super ZLC and Viscaria. For rubber, I got Chinese Hurricane, T64, T80, and T25 (brought accidentally). I play table tennis at the close table most of the time and sometimes also at the mid-range table. My style is to loop and use forehand mainly and backhand block. Currently, I am practicing on banana flips and loop drive on my backhand. 

My questions are 1. Which blade should be treated as my alternative blade, and how I pair them with my current rubbers?
2. For T25, I brought it accidentally because of seeing the wrong number when buying T05. How should I use it? Or, it doesn’t fit with my style at all?
3. Are there better rubber options to pair with my blades?

I am looking forward to your reply.



This Ask the Experts question was answered by Truong Tu. Truong plays at the Silicon Valley Table Tennis Club in San Jose, CA. Coach Tu’s response is as follows:


Thank you for your question. You didn’t mention which Super ZLC you have (
Zhang Jike Super ZLC or Jun Mizutani Super ZLC). I will assume that you have the Zhang Jike Super ZLC.

The Zhang Jike Super ZLC has a harder feeling than the 
Viscaria therefore it has more power and is better for mid distance players. Since you have mentioned that you play mostly close to the table, I would recommend you go with the Viscaria which is softer and can give you more feeling for close-to-the-table play. Furthermore, as right now you are practicing on banana flip and loop drive, you need a blade with more dwell time in order to develop your stroke and feeling.

As for the rubber, 
Tenergy 25 is good for close to the table blocking/punching/smashing style. The only concern is since you are developing a banana flip and loop, Tenergy 64 could be the choice among your current rubbers. As for your forehand, you can try Tenergy 80. Tenergy 80 has high angle and a little harder to play close the table but if your style based a lot on spin then it won’t be a bad choice. However, I would recommend getting Tenergy 05 for the forehand still if you can as the Tenergy 05 is suitable for your forehand dominant close to the table style.

Best wishes!

Coach Tu 

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