Ask The Experts: Dan Seemiller, No. 29
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Coach Dan Seemiller

Ask The Experts: Dan Seemiller, No. 29

Ask The Experts: Dan Seemiller, No. 29

Blade: Zhang Jike Super ZLC
Forehand: Tenergy 80 2.1
Backhand: Tenergy 05-FX 2.1

Question: I love the combination that I’m currently using but I’ve been wondering how the Tenergy 64-FX would feel on my backhand instead of the 05-FX.

I am very offensive and I have a very strong backhand. Many players found my blade with the 80 rubber too fast but I play with explosive speed, control, and a lot of spin on my forehand.

I don’t think I feel the similar effect on my backhand with the 05-FX. I’m wondering if I could have more spin, control, power with the 64-FX on my backhand.

Please, I am also curious to know in general which rubbers you would suggest for the Zhang Jike Super ZLC.

Thank you

Answer: Hi Paul,

The Tenergy 64-FX would give your backhand more speed. The 05 FX  would have more spin.It is somewhat common for players to add speed to their Backhand so the 64FX is worth a try. Any Tenergy rubber will work well with the Zhang Jike Super ZLC.


Dan Seemiller
South Bend Table Tennis Center

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