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Blade: Mizutani Jun Super ZLC (FL)  & Innerforce ZLC (FL) & Viscaria (FL)
Forehand: Tenergy 80-FX / Tenergy 05-FX / Tenergy 64-FX
Backhand: Tenergy 80-FX / Tenergy 64-FX

Question: Hi Miss Li,

I got these 3 blades for my friend and myself. Now I put Tenergy 80-FX on Mizutani Jun Super ZLC (backhand and forehand) and Tenergy 64-FX (backhand and forehand) on Innerforce ZLC,Tenergy 05-FX (forhand) and Tenergy 64-FX (backhand) on Viscaria. Do you have any suggestion for the combination because I am not sure if the current combinations are the best.
Also, I got a Zhang Jike Super ZLC (CS) from China, shall I put Tenergy 80-FX on both sides? Or shall I put Bryce Speed-FX on backhand? Any suggestion? Thanks a lot!!!

Answer: Hi Philip,

Thanks for your question and interest in Butterfly equipment.

It looks like you are a fan of softer rubbers. All the Tenergy rubbers are great and have a different purpose. Without knowing your playing style, I may not be able to provide you with the complete answer. Typically I recommend using softer rubbers with harder feel blades and vice versa. The closer you play to the table, try to pick a rubber with a higher density and the farther you play away from the table, choose a lower density rubber.

I also recommend for you to watch the following video and learn about the various Tenergy models offered.

Hope you find this helpful and enjoy your new equipment!

Nan Li
Coach @ WCTTA

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