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World Veteran Chamionships: Winners

World Veteran Chamionships: Winners

World Veteran Chamionships: Winners

Courtesy of ButterflyMag

May 30, 2016 – One of the biggest events in the history of table tennis has come to an end.

During the last seven days in Alicante, Spain, there was a lot of competition but the main thing was that people of different age and different nationality came together to celebrate the tournament and our sport.

Meet new people, make new friends, catch up with old friends, play and watch table tennis, sunbathing at the beach – during and at the end of the World Veteran Chamionships in Alicante there were really only winners.

Some of them became not only winners but World Champions – and here they are.

Respect and congratulations to …

Women 40

1. Sylvie Plaisant (FRA)
2.Ding Ya Ping (GER)

1. Cécile Ozer / Magali Charlier (BEL)
2. Petra Jenisch / Tatjana Michajlova (GER)

Men 40

1. Eric Durand (FRA)
2. Mats Kaellberg (SWE)

1. Dmitry Abramenko (ISR) / Lorestas Trumpauskas (ENG)
2. Aleksandr Savelev /Georgii Rubinshtein (RUS)

Women 50

1. Jing Tian-Zörner (GER)
2. Seonhee Kim

1. Jing Tian-Zörner / Margit Freiberg-Nolten (GER)
2. Sui Ying Katherine Gao (AUS) / Lu Qianhong

Men 50

1. He Zhiwen (ESP)
2. Lars Hauth (DEN)

1. Carsten Matthias / Berthold Pilsl (GER)
2. Masataka Tokai / Chan Kahara (JPN)

Women 60

1. Keiko Takakiwa (JPN)
2. Larisa Andreeva (RUS)

1. Taeko Hasegawa / Setsuko Ioki (JPN)
2. Charlene Yiaoying Liu / Patty Martinez (USA)

Men 60

1. Manfred Nieswand (GER)
2. Craig Campbell (AUS)

1. Cai Chang Su / Huang Jian Jiang (CHN)
2. Rein Lindmäe (EST) / Leonid Segal (UKR)

Women 65

1. Kazuko Harada (JPN)
2. Setsuko Ioki (JPN)

1. Masayo Takeda / Naomi Nagai (JPN)
2. Ting Ning Cheung /Chiyako Suzuki (USA)

Men 65

1. Huang Jian Jiang (CHN)
2. Wang Shi Qi (CHN)

1. Claus Pedersen (DEN) / Changyuan Yao (BEL)
2. Matti Lappalainen (FIN) / Göran Skogsberg (SWE)

Women 70

1. Ursula Krüger (GER)
2. Mihoko Mizuguchi (JPN)

1. Mihoko Mizuguchi / Ikuko Nagasawa (JPN)
2. Yoko Arai / Akiko Ikeda (JPN)

Men 70

1. Niels Ramberg (DEN)
2. Brian Hill (ENG)

1. René Theillout / Roland Stephan (GER)
2. Mick Wright / Horst Fröhlich (AUS)

Women 75

1. Akiko Ikeda (JPN)
2. Akiko Hosoda (JPN)

1. Ikuko Maruyama / Michie Yoshimura (JPN)
2. Akemi Hayashi / Katsuko Toda (JPN)

Men 75

1. Barclay (Buddy) George Reid(AUS)
2. Dimitrije Bilic (GER)

1. Uwe Wienprecht / Siegfried Lemke (GER)
2. Barclay (Buddy) George Reid / Igor Klaf (AUS)

Women 80

1. Betty Bird (ENG)
2. Chizuko Nagase (JPN)

Men 80

1. Klaus Krüger (GER)
2. Jozsef Mayer (HUN)

1. Josef Seidl (CZE) / Dr. Peter Stolzenburg (GER)
2. Lars Svedberg (SWE) / Kai Merimaa (FIN)

Women 85

1. Pamela Butcher (ENG)
2. Kaneko Kujirai (JPN)

Men 85

1. Heiner Koula (GER)
2. Friedrich Rössler (GER)

1. Friedrich Rössler / Heiner Koula (GER)
2. Bill Wall / Alf Perry (ENG)

Men 90

1. Chen Youngning (CHN)
2. Michel Hovelaoue (FRA)

1. Susumu Yamada (JPN) / Joaquím Renom Llorens (ESP)
2. Erwin Schulz / Gerhard Apitzsch (GER)

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