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Why is Boll Strong? #5

Why is Boll Strong? #6 (Video in English)

Why is Boll Strong? #6 (Video in English)
(Courtesy of BUTTERFLY/TAKUREPO.com)

Special Program
Q: Why is Boll strong?
A: A Message From Timo Boll

Timo Boll (GER) ascended to the World no. 1 spot in March 2018.

I think the best players in the world are nearly equal.   You cannot afford any weak points in your game so you have to practice forehand and backhand the same. With the same attention.  But if we have the time to  choose what you can play, especially in the middle, then try to hit the forehand.

If you have the choice, try always to use your forehand. It’s always more powerful.  You can place it more easily but if you are under pressure, you have to use your backhand.  Because table tennis is getting too fast to use just one side so you have to play  both sides on a high level

I mean – you have to use every chance and every exercise to become better.  I remember when I was young.  It was tough to always concentrate but you have to get used to it.  You have to always be sharp and to always give 100%.

Don’t blame it on any other person if you feel tired or if you have a small crisis.  If you don’t play so well it’s always up to you and not to anybody else.

You have to realize and then you also feel more responsibility to push yourself.  This is quite important to have that special focus and training and to always limit practice to when you are 100% there because otherwise you will teach yourself some bad movements and you get used to these bad movements and that’s the worst thing that can happen.  So always practice at a high quality and if that’s not possible, which sometimes will happen, then do something else.  Maybe do physical training or just rest.

Thanks for your support.  It is really appreciated.

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