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(By: Bowmar Sports Team) Big congrats to the Champions of LATTA Butterfly Open June, 2022. The great event that was a success and that brought more than 83 players in 8 different events. The surprise of the event… Misa Duran received a surprised $100 award for the player with the “most consecutive tournament participation!” Photos: […]

Ask The Experts: Tawny Banh, No. 418

Butterfly Table Tennis Question and Answer Question:  Best regards. I would ask you to suggest me tires for my Butterfly Viscaria board. I am 51 years old and I have been playing table tennis for almost 40. I have the necessary technique. I’m not a fan of very hard tires, but every piece of advice […]

Big Congrats to our Champions from LATTA Butterfly Open Dec. 4, 2021!

Hello Table Tennis Enthusiasts, I wish you all good health, happiness, prosperity and lots of table tennis in 2022! 🙂 Thank you so much for the continued support. Many of you have displayed random acts of kindness towards me. I remember and truly appreciate it! LATTA  BUTTERFLY THANH BANH MEMORIAL OPEN SAT, JAN. 22, 2022!!! […]


Hello Table Tennis Enthusiasts, Thank you to all players that joined my last LATTA Butterfly Open on July 31.  We had a great turnout….8 exciting events & 86 competitive players in just 1 day!  It was LATTA’s 2nd tournament back since Feb, 2020 (pre-Covid)!  We’re sooo back and ready for some fabulous table tennis at […]


Hello Table Tennis Enthusiasts, Covid-19 was such an unprecedented and difficult 2020 for countless people and small businesses!   What I have learnt is that people & unfortunate situations come and go in life, but Table Tennis is forever!  Pandemic or not, table tennis never leaves us! From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU Everyone […]

TENERGY 19 Review

(By Tawny Banh) Butterfly Tenergy 19 is the newest performance rubber from the Tenergy series, encompassing the “spring technology” and “high friction.”  It comes in 3 sponge thicknesses:  1.7 mm, 1.9 mm, and 2.1 mm.  The thicker sponge is the most popular amongst the offensive players.  The sponge hardness is 36 degrees which is soft […]

Ask The Experts by Tawny Banh- Which Rubber Should I Use?

Question: “I am an intermediate player. I want change the rubber on my backhand and go for hard rubber which is consistent and with good spin and speed. Which rubber should I use?” Learn more about Tawny Banh here Learn more about Butterfly Blades & Rubbers here Submit your Ask The Experts question here Stay […]

Which Rubber Should I Apply? Ask the Expert by coach Tawny Banh

Q: “I want to change my evolution rubber to any Butterfly rubber. I am a offensive player and I evenly mid-play spin+power attack. So which rubber should I apply to my forehand side?” Learn more about Tenergy 05 here​ Learn more about Coach Tawny Banh here Stay “In The Loop” with Butterfly professional table tennis […]

AIBISS review by Sponsored Coaches and Olympian Tawny Banh

(By USA Table Tennis Hall of Fame – Tawny Banh) Butterfly released Aibiss in June of 2020. It is a very tacky, high-friction rubber with a specialized top sheet with a pimple shape that enables heavy spin as well as a curved arc over the net. It has the hardest sponge ever of all Butterfly […]

Quality Butterfly Bags review by coach Tawny Banh

(by Tawny Banh) Butterfly is a leader in table tennis equipment and accessories, so it only makes sense that they would come out with a convenient and durable line of sport bags collection called Yasyo and Black Line.  The bag itself varies in sizes which include small, medium, and large for all of your necessary […]

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Coaching Tips of the Week: The Larry Line

October 3, 2022
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WAB CLUB FEATURE: Silicon Valley Table Tennis Club

October 2, 2022
(by Steve Hopkins) The Silicon Valley Table Tennis Club was founded in 2011.  The club features professional flooring,… Read More

Isabella Xu Won The 2022 Badger Open – Under 2400 & Womens Open

October 2, 2022
(By: Bowmar Sports Team) The 2022 Badger Open, give doble great victory to Isabella Xu, she won the… Read More

Aditya Sareen Won 2500 Westchester September Open

October 2, 2022
(By: Bowmar Sports Team) Aditya won the Under 2500 at Westchester September Open. He also defeated Tao Wenzhang… Read More
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