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Ask The Experts: Brian Pace, No. 422

Butterfly Table Tennis Question and Answer Question: Hi Brian, Thanks for the wonderful forehand top spin video on you tube. My game has improved greatly ever since I started watching your videos. I am a beginner to intermediate level club player. I am left handed. My forehand drives are powerful but I don’t have good […]

Ask The Experts: Brian Pace, No. 421

Butterfly Table Tennis Question and Answer Question: I started playing again after a 30-year break. Techniques and equipment have evolved enormously. Of the 3 blades and combinations I try. My game is more of the mid-range Looper type, and solid on the counterattack. Here is my request: to progress in a coherent way I must […]

Ask The Experts: Truong Tu, No. 420

Butterfly Table Tennis Question and Answer Question:  Hi, I am looking at buying a new bat. I am left handed and have an attacking forehand with quite a fast rubber. One area I need to improve upon is being able to topspin a chop. Currently I often get dictated to in rallies because if my […]

Ask The Experts: David Zhuang, No. 419

Butterfly Table Tennis Question and Answer Question: Which one is good for forehand in viscaria super alc?tenergy 05 or tenergy 19?(outside dignigs because its hard and very expensive).Thank you. Answer: This ask the Experts question was answered by David Zhuang. He is the head coach at Princeton Pong in New Jersey. Coach Zhuang’s response is below: Hi Dinsan, […]

Ask The Experts: Tawny Banh, No. 418

Butterfly Table Tennis Question and Answer Question:  Best regards. I would ask you to suggest me tires for my Butterfly Viscaria board. I am 51 years old and I have been playing table tennis for almost 40. I have the necessary technique. I’m not a fan of very hard tires, but every piece of advice […]

Ask The Experts: Shigang Yang, No. 417

Butterfly Table Tennis Question and Answer Question:  I presently use a butterfly defensive blade with old Tackiness Chop and Bryce. I can reverse the rubbers sides when playing and serving to respond to others rubbers/ style. I am a defensive player but can counter hit on forehand and smash on forehand. My rubbers are old […]

Ask The Experts: Truong Tu, No. 416

Butterfly Table Tennis Question and Answer Question:  Here is my current setup Yasaka Ma Lin Carbon Forehand:RAKZA 7 Soft Backhand:Rakza Z 2.00 mm Total weight 181 gm I used a stiga pro carbon 160 gm weight. My wrist is not too strong, so I struggle with heavy paddles when I do a backend flick. However, […]

Ask The Experts: Di Yu, No. 415

Butterfly Table Tennis Question and Answer Question: Dear sir I’m a left handed attacking player with a lopping and counter looping style of play. Also I play close to table for quick disruptive attacks. Mainly using short pips on back hand for quick control from service and tactical play style. I require good ball control […]

Ask The Experts: Byung Jung An, No. 414

Butterfly Table Tennis Question and Answer Question: I am mid level player, I am very good at cutting the ball and shooting as well without putting so much spin on the ball, please recommend a racket that would be suitable for my type of play I use to have tengery 05 I need a fast […]

Ask The Experts: Hui Wang No. 413

Butterfly Table Tennis Question and Answer Question: I want to buy a new bat. I need a carbon type blade that is very light. Fannel or straight handle does not make much difference. I am a looper you can recommend one. For the rubbers: Forehand: I want a very fast and top spin rubber. Is […]

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