Revoldia CNF – A Category Creator
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Revoldia CNF – A Category Creator

Revoldia CNF – A Category Creator

Revoldia CNF – A Category Creator

(By Brian Pace)

Revoldia CNF – A Category Creator

One of the advantages I have had with Butterfly is being a longtime equipment tester since 1986. In the 1980’s we would get a racket from Tokyo with a code imprinted on the right side of the handle. The most famous code I remember was EE5, which would go on to be the Petr Korbel, a longtime Butterfly ‘Best Seller” and the most popular racket for multiple years until it was eclipsed by the Viscaria.

From 1986 until now Tokyo headquarters has become more advanced with what data they give us along with a new upcoming racket. But, I used my old school racket testing tactics for this blade, and I was spot on before they gave out the data. When we didn’t have any data in the 80’s, we just went out and played with the racket and 6 of us took notes. And that is exactly what I did with this blade. During my time testing the blade, I kept saying one phrase out loud, “Plays Like Wood”.

What is Cellulose NanoFiber?

Just like the technology behind the first high tension rubber Bryce, and the first high tension sponge with Spring Sponge, Butterfly has added a new type of technology to blade design. Having reached the apex of what materials they could add to wood to improve power, maintain lightness, as well as increasing feel, Butterfly went to it’s roots, literally. Cellulose Nanofiber is derived from wood pulp. This wood being broken down into smaller and smaller microns is the same technology that is used to create carbon blades. The benefit of this material being wood is it attacks like carbon, but has the feel of wood on soft and medium touch shots.

Weight Impressions

This blade coming in at an average weight of just under 90 grams is on the heavy side, but not all weight is created equal. What makes the weight of this blade unique compared to most high-level constructed blades laced with a unique fiber is, this blade is made out of wood. Because it doesn’t have a large amount of material on the face of the blade which could weight it down, making it top heavy. Because of this, the swing for this blade is terribly well balanced. This will add extra benefit to rebound your strokes when playing in extended rallies. Another added benefit is using high density rubbers like Tenergy and Dignics will have less of an impact on the overall set-up feeling heavy.

Attack Impression

One of the main qualities you want to have when attacking with a blade is effortless contact. One of the elusive qualities that represent a rare experience with ball contact is the, sweet spot. Based on the speed and construction of the blade, it determines how big the sweet spot is. The Revoldia has a sweet spot like an “Oak Tree”. Contact anywhere around the sweet spot feel like hitting dead center adding extra power and feel to your shots. Because of the construction of wood layers being placed down like carbon, it takes on a pronounced sweet spot area like carbon, but has all the benefits of wood feel, especially on all-out power shots. A huge sweet spot and inertia from an all-out effort is as perfect of a situation you can experience on attack shots.

Feel Impression

Where most high-speed blades fail is in the attempt to have ample control and feel. Most blades that create the perfect amount of rebound on attack shots, create the same amount of rebound on touch shots. Over time the player realizes that the lost of control is not worth the speed gained on power shots. The Revoldia being laced with wood is what allows it to have the feel of wood…because it is wood. So, there is no loss of control or feel on blocks, short return, serve returns, and soft touch shots.  The added benefit of the Revoldia having great feel is being able to upgrade your block to a counter-attack with minimal risk. The Revoldia has touch like a “Cloud in the Sky”.

Range of Play

The Revoldia has a range of close to mid-distance for attacks and exchanges. The reaction being 11.7 puts it firmly in the attack range, and this degree of reaction will allow the attack shots you play from close to mid-distance to feel like you don’t need to muscle the stroke to get more power out of each shot. The vibration property coming in around 9.5 is the reason this racket won’t be a blade for long distance play. There is slightly too much loss of power through vibration to create a stable long distance trajectory attack shot.

Ultimate Rubber Set-up

As a coach and player the most popular rubber set up is Dignics 80, and Tenergy 64FX. The Dignics 80 as a forehand attacking rubber has a high trajectory and a middle of the table landing area, which gives the ball leverage if you have too much or too little power to your attack shots. The 64FX on the backhand is perfect as it does have a longer trajectory to the end of the table. This is ideal for players that don’t historically attack aggressively on the backhand, but want the ball to travel to deepest part of the table.

For the last 10 years I have been using a Butterfly blade that had been discontinued, and no matter what new Butterfly came out, I would find myself leaning back towards my old blade that focuses on wood characteristics. The powers that be always came to me to find out what blade I was using, and it was always my oldie but faithful. After testing this racket for a number of training sessions, I’m happy to say that my old Butterfly blade has been given to some juniors in need.

Revoldia represents a quantum leap in blade technology that undoubtedly provides touch and feel to all shots across the board, as well as keeping with power shots that compliment the current ball material, as well as rubber technology. If you are looking for a blade that is heavy handed on attack shots, but has wood type characteristics on touch shots, then the Revoldia is the “BEST BLADE EVER”.

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