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World Cup Day 1: Kanak Logs Early Upset

OxNation: USA’s Kanak Jha- Latest with Ochsenhausen

(by Steve Hopkins)

With the German Budesliga’s new season underway, many Americans have been following USA’s top player, Kanak Jha, who has joined one of that league’s top teams, TTF Liebherr Ochsenhausen.

Ochsenhausen has been a top 3 team in Germany for several years – and currently includes Hugo Calderano and Simon Gauzy.  Ochsenhausen won the 2019 German Table Tennis Cup and fell a match short from the Finals in the 2019-20 Covid-shortened season.

Obviously, much of the focus of the American fan will be watching the development of Kanak Jha as he enters the prime of his career, and now has access to great training partners and some of the best competition in the world.  With that in mind, we are sharing the video of Kanak Jha’s win from their most recent Bundesliga match.  In the match, Liebherr Ochsenhausen (currently 3rd in the league standings) overcame a strong SV Werder Bremen team which includes Mattias Falck, Kirill Gerassimenko, and Hunor Szocs.

Kanak defeated Kirill Gerassimenko (World No. 46) as a part of the win.  This result is significant because the last time these players met, Kirill won.  The result this time is a strong performance and dominant win by Kanak.  Kanak moved Kirill away from the table, controlled the short game, and his flurry of big shots shows that he has been working on his power.  3-0 Jha as his part of a 3-0 Ochsenhausen win.  Go OxNation!


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