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Dimitrij Ovtcharov #3

Ovtcharov’s Gluing Technique

(by Steve Hopkins)

In a video posted in June (on a channel hosted by TT Smash City), Dimitrij Ovtcharov demonstrated his gluing technique.

Watch the video below as he outlines how many layers of glue he uses and how he attaches the rubber to the blade.  Included are a few pro tips:

(1) pull the rubber as you apply it if you’d like a little extra speed,

(2) apply edge tape just to one side to minimize paddle overall weight,

(3) don’t cut the rubber too close to the blade – as he applies the edge tape, you can see that the rubber extends slightly beyond the edge of the blade (perhaps limiting edge contacts on balls struck near the edge of the paddle)

Prepare like a pro – and maximize your potential in your own game.

The equipment shown in the video is as follows: Dignics 09c Black, Dignics 05 Red, Ovtcharov Innerforce ALC blade, Free Chack Pro, modified clip sponge, and side tape.




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