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NYITTC May 1, 2016 Open Championship Results

NYITTC May 2016 Open Championship Results

NYITTC May 2016 Open Championship Results

New York International Table Tennis Center hosted the NYITTC May 1, 2016 Open Championship in Flushing, New York. Congratulations to all winners and participants!


Under 2250

1st: Benjamin Zhang; 2nd: Justin Liu, 3rd: Phillippe Dassonval/James Yen

Under 2000

1st: Heng Zhang; 2nd: Justin Liu; 3rd: Alex Wu/Kai Wang

Under 1800

1st: Heng Zhang; 2nd: Alex Wu; 3rd: Justin Liu/Jimmy Shen

Under 1600

1st: Eduardo Gutierrez; 2nd: Igor Kirman; 3rd: Banjamin Opare-Abetia/Michael Song

Under 1200

1st: Alex Lorga; 2nd: Zoltan Lorinczi; 3rd: Lymar Yap/Sarah Segal

Under 800

1st: Jasmine Lo; 2nd: Sangay Mingyur; 3rd: Dakar Khatatsang/Yuan Li

Junior Under 14

1st: Jasmine Lo; 2nd: Rong Li; 3rd: Sarah Segal/Dakar Khatatsang

Junior Under 11

1st: William Tang; 2nd: Tian Luan; 3rd: Xinyu Zhang/Boyu Zhang


1st: Dakar Khatatsang; 2nd: Sangay Mingyur; 3rd: Kunga Tashi/Ryan Mendoza


2250 以下组

冠军: Benjamin Zhang; 亚军: Justin Liu; 季军: Phillippe Dassonval/James Yen

2000 以下组

冠军: Heng Zhang; 亚军: Justin Liu; 季军: Alex Wu/Kai Wang

1800 以下组

冠军: Heng Zhang; 亚军: Alex Wu; 季军: Justin Liu/Jimmy Shen


冠军: Eduardo Gutierrez; 亚军: Igor Kirman; 季军: Banjamin Opare-Abetia/Michael Song


冠军: Alex Lorga; 亚军: Zoltan Lorinczi; 季军: Lymar Yap/Sarah Segal


冠军: Jasmine Lo; 亚军: Sangay Mingyur; 季军: Dakar Khatatsang/Yuan Li


冠军: Jasmine Lo; ; 亚军: Rong Li; 季军: Sarah Segal/Dakar Khatatsang


冠军: William Tang; ; 亚军: Tian Luan; 季军: Xinyu Zhang/Boyu Zhang


冠军: Dakar Khatatsang; 亚军: Sangay Mingyur; 季军: Kunga Tashi/Ryan Mendoza

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