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More money, additional spots and more points available

More money, additional spots and more points available

More money, additional spots and more points available

By Bowmar Sports

With the 2017 Butterfly North American Tour beginning soon, the Canada Cup Burnaby, and Canada Cup Markham, will be the first two stops for the tour. Since adding these events as tour stops, there have a few changes for the Canada Cup series. Some of the changes include open events for Canada Cup Burnaby and Canada Cup Markham, more overall prize money, added spots for the Canada Hopes Challenge, and adding more qualifying points.

The Changes

One of the first changes to the series is that the first two events for the Canada Cup are going to be opened to not just Canadian residents and citizens, but to other countries as well. The only competition for the series that will be closed is going the Canada Cup Finals. The entries for 2017 Butterfly Canada Cup Finals will be by invitation only, and will be the top 7 cadets, 7 juniors, and 7 senior players along with three “wild card” players.

Next, there is going to be higher prize money purse for the events. A total of $5,000 CAD will be awarded at each competition, Butterfly Canada Cup Burnaby and Butterfly Canada Cup Markham. That will be a total of $10,000 CAD given for the combined events. The prize money will be broken down as follows:

Finishing Position Men’s Singles Women’s Singles
1st Place 1,000 C$ 1,000 C$
2nd place 700 C$ 700 C$
3rd place 500 C$ 500 C$
4th place 300 C$ 300 C$

Serving as the qualifier for the ITTF North America Hopes Challenge, the Canada Hopes Challenge will also be by invitation to participate in. The top 10 players for the ‘Hopes’ (U12), plus the two winners from the East and the West Canada Hopes Weeks, will receive the invitations to compete in the Canada Hopes Challenge.Entry InformationDon’t miss out on your chance to participate in the first two stops on the 2017 Butterfly North American Tour, or the opportunity to play for a spot to qualify for the ITTF North America Hopes Challenge.

Registration Information

Get your registration information  here, and send it in today! Entry deadline for the Butterfly Canada Cup Burnaby is 9:00 pmPST on January 9, 2017. Email completed entry form and payment information (credit card or cheque) to canadacup@ttcan.ca.

Check here for a full report of the changes provided by Table Tennis Canada for these events.

Butterfly Centrefold 25 & Europa 25 – Official Tables of 2017 Butterfly North American Tour
Butterfly G40+ 3-Star – Official Ball of the 2017 Butterfly North American Tour
Butterfly – Official Uniform for USA Table Tennis

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