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Liam Pitchford Hungry For More

Liam Pitchford Hungry For More

Liam Pitchford Hungry For More
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Among the title winners, the World Team Championships 2016 in Malaysia have produced a lot of surprises, as previously reported. Among them – if not the biggest success – was the bronze medal for Team England. Their star, 22 year-old Butterfly player Liam Pitchford had recently gained some great results on the ITTF World Tour, but was really shining throughout the team matches in Kuala Lumpur. His track record: 8 victories, 5 defeats. But even in defeat against top level players such as Germany’s Ruwen Filus or Japan’s Jun Mizutani, he came more than just close to victory. In the wake of his recent success, we asked Liam some questions:

Liam Pitchford

Liam Pitchford

Q: First of all, congratulations on this great success, the greatest success of an English team in a World Cup since 1993! Did you have a special preparation for this tournament?

2016 World Team Championships England

2016 World Team Championships England

A: Thank you! We tried to spend as much time as possible as a team together. Paul Drinkhall and Alan Cooke have Sam (Walker) and in Ochsenhausen visited me where we could prepare ourselves for 2 weeks intensive. Then we flew to Singapore for final training, from there to Malaysia. I believe the time has us as a team zusammengschweißt properly. The closer the tournament then moved, the less time we spent at the table, the more targeted with match preparation.

Q: What is the goal did you had set before the tournament?

Liam Pitchford 2016 World Championships

Liam Pitchford 2016 World Championships

A: Realistically, we just wanted to stay in the Champions Division.We knew we could play at a good level – but at a medal really no one has thought of us!

Q: Which match was crucial from your point of view?

A: I would say the match against Germany. We knew if we lose the tournament over. So we gave all 120%, and with a little helping hand from Sweden, we have reached the third place.

Q: In what game you showed your best performance?

A: That was in the quarterfinals against France. I was fully concentrated, the feeling was not to miss the ball. The best part was that I could get the top form in the most important game for my team.


Q: And what was your worst match in the World Cup?

A: Really bad I was not in the whole tournament – but in the game against Ruwen Filus (the group match against Germany) I made myself too much pressure. On the other hand Ruwen played really great – who knows if I would have won even with tip-top shape.

Q: Which material are you?

A: My wood is the Butterfly Viscaria . and I play  Tenergy 05  on both sides.

Q: Did the material times changed lately?

A: No, I’ve been playing for a while with this combination and I just like everything about it: I have enough pressure in the offensive game and the passive control reduces my errors. The material fits my style of play. I used to be played to another timber, but since I lacked the clout. So I get some advice from Butterfly and was the Viscaria recommended. Since I am fully satisfied!

Q: What is the goal you’ve set next?

A: Right now I do everything I can to qualify for the Olympic Games in Rio. The qualifying tournament is on and I am now 100% focused on it to act in the best possible shape there.

Q: England has ever qualified only at the last World Cup in 2014 for the Champions Division. And now you have brought there a medal at the first attempt. How do you see the prospects for Team England in the future?

A: We still have a long way to go, but with our young team we are now hungry for more! I hope we will now always play in the future for a medal – we have become more confident and I think many of the “big” teams are now on the radar.

Q: Could you the tournament in Malaysia enjoy?

A: I think everything was good, we had what we needed to play good table tennis. A few things could certainly have been better, but after our performance, I can not complain in any way.

Q: If you look at the results and games at the World Cup so look at – what would you say is happening just in table tennis?

A: It is obvious that China all other teams a piece ahead. But I think we have seen that the performance level of the other teams is closer together. Especially the “small” nations involved quickly, and can annoy “big” again and again.We have I think seen some of it, with the success of the Polish team, the resignation of the German team, etc. I believe that table tennis has can again be a bit more exciting at the World Cup.

Q: Would you like your fans to say something out there?

A: I hope you have my games can be enjoyed at the World Cup. Thank you for your support and for cheering! I hope you to be able to offer even more successes soon!

Certainly. Thank Liam!

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