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Adriana Diaz, the face of Dish Photo courtesy of ITTF – by: Luis D. Sanchez Luna

The Face of Olivasi but Can Vladimir Samsonov Compete with the Face of Dish?

The Face of Olivasi but Can Vladimir Samsonov Compete with the Face of Dish?

Courtesy of ITTF

An easily recognizable face promoting a company; one of the most recognizable is that of Vladimir Samsonov of Belarus. He is the face of Olivasi, a Spanish company which, as the name suggests, sells olive oil.

Vladimir Samsonov lives in Spain and he may just have competition from other celebrated Spaniards as the most famous face in the country; a certain Rafael Nadal might run him close.

However, visit the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico and one face seems to have no competitors; it is that of 15-year-old Adriana Diaz.

Turn on the Television
Generously, she is the face the Samaritan organization uses; on a more commercial basis she is on the billboards promoting Ciclon an energy drink, turn on your television and she is there again!

Adriana Diaz is the face of Dish, a cable television company which broadcasts in the United States and in Puerto Rico. Notably, the initiative came from the company!

Contacted by Company
“They contacted us last September with the proposal that Adriana should be the face of their company; they wanted to sponsor her”, explained Marangely Gonzalez, Adriana’s mother who alongside husband, Bladimir and Eladio Afanador have developed a state-of-the-art table tennis club in the small town of Utuado.

“We filmed the commercial in May; we dealt throughout with the company’s agency”, added Marangely Gonzalez. “We signed a one year contract with an option for a further year; it was a great experience and they treated Adriana so well.”

Good Actor
A great experience for all, it is one which Adriana Diaz will never forget.

“The most difficult thing to do was acting”, said Adriana Diaz. “I liked it very much, the whole experience was new to me and I enjoyed it”.

Third Year
Meanwhile, alongside the Dish company the agreement with Ciclon continues.

“We are now in our third year with the company”, added Marangely Gonzalez. “Also this year they are sponsoring her sister, Melanie, she played against Adriana in the Dish advert.”

Undoubtedly Adriana Diaz is a celebrity in Puerto Rico; arriving Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport in the capital city of San Juan a few weeks, I explained that I worked for the International Table Tennis Federation.

The response from the officer was immediate: “Our girl won again!” he smiled referring to her success at the Slovak Junior Open.

“No problem, what date do you want me to stamp your passport?” he added.

Good to know people in high places!

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