Dignics 80 Review: Wenting Zha. brings together speed, power, and spin
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Ask The Experts: Wenting Zha, No. 264

Dignics 80 Review: Wenting Zha

(by Wenting Zha)

DIGNICS 80 brings together speed, power, and spin in a seamless integration of the best parts of DIGNICS 05 and DIGNICS 64, while improving upon the drawbacks of DIGNICS 64 as the inherent elasticity of the sponge is enhanced by an additional toughness. This is an incredible rubber, well worth the price, for all-around playing styles. DIGNICS 80 has helped me greatly increase the speed, spin, and stability of my backhand shots through both attack and defense.

Ease of Control

As my backhand rubber, DIGNICS 80 gives me more control during defensive play. Regardless of whether I’m borrowing power off the opponent’s shots or playing a more aggressive defense, I feel that the elasticity and flexibility of this rubber gives me confidence, not only that my shots will not go into the net, but also that my return is fast enough to potentially throw the opponent off balance and reduce the aggression of the next attack, giving me more opportunities to regain an offensive position. At the forefront of modern technology, DIGNICS 80 brings together the best of speed and spin, enabling one to respond effectively to both passive and aggressive shots by offering a wide variety of plays to choose from.

Pressuring the Opponent

DIGNICS 80 gives the ball a wider arc and thus produces a more powerful attack than TENERGY 64 and TENERGY 80. I feel that DIGNICS 80 significantly improved the quality and consistency of my backhand loops and flicks against backspin; previously, I used TENERGY 64 on my backhand side, and I felt that the softness of the sponge couldn’t give the speed or spin that I wanted. Now, with DIGNICS 80, I feel that I have better consistency, speed, and spin, and my shots on the opponent’s side of the table are lower and harder to receive. I find that, especially against backspin, it is easy to produce much spinnier and wider angle shots with more power, speed, control, and accuracy.


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