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Celebration of the Life of George Braithwaite Event

Celebration of the Life of George Braithwaite Event

(by Steve Hopkins)

Last weekend, a group of table tennis enthusiasts, colleagues and friends gathered in New York City for the official dedication of the George Braithwaite Table Tennis Courts.   George Hugh Braithwaite, the Chief, passed away in October of 2020 – after a long and illustrious Hall of Fame career that included representing the United States at the World Championships and during the original Ping Pong Diplomacy trip.  New York’s Roosevelt Island is now home to the George Braithwaite Table Tennis Courts.
The group included a long list of honorary guests: Michael Ten-Pow (former United Nations Representative of Guyana and former President of UN Table Tennis Club), ITTF Representative Matilda Ekholm, Willy Leparulo (President of the NCTTA), New York City Department of Education and Commissioner for PSAL table tennis JANET MILES, and Alan Good (the founder of Henge Concrete Tables). The Merce Cunningham Dance Company performed for the group and Michael Henry sang for the group.  Ms. Luz Brissette spoke on behalf of the Braithwaite family.  Michael Christophe, a longtime friend and teammate spoke.  Mark Anthony, a former colleague at the UN spoke.  And Jules Apatini, Michael Reff, and Thomas Hu each added their comments as well.
Followed the ceremony, the group had lunch and then many relaxed and shared by playing table tennis on the outdoor tables at the George Braithwaite Table Tennis Courts.
The table tennis courts can be found at Capobianco Field (680-686 E. Rd., New York, NY 10044)

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