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Coaching Tip of the Week – Ten Table Tennis Quotes for Improvement

(By Larry Hodges) “Tactics isn’t about finding complex strategies to defeat an opponent. Tactics is about sifting through all the zillions of possible tactics and finding a few simple ones that work.” “Strategic thinking is how you develop your game. Tactical thinking is how you use what you have to win.” “Tactical thinking is a […]

Coaching Tip of the Week – Forehand Push for Playing Choppers

(By Larry Hodges) On the forehand side, when someone pushes long, it’s almost always a good idea to loop. Because of this, many players are not comfortable forehand pushing except against a short ball. Against a deep ball, they almost always loop, and that’s usually a good thing. The problem is when they play a […]

Coaching Tip of the Week – A Good Warm-up

(By Larry Hodges) A warm-up is different than practice. Practice is to improve, maintain, or fine-tune a technique. Few players improve unless they do lots of this. However, the focus of this tip is on warming up. Warm-up is to groove your shots before playing matches. (You also warm up before a practice session, but […]

Coaching Tip of the Week – Use Your Strengths, But Test Your Opponent

(By Larry Hodges) It’s wise to approach a match with the idea of using your strengths, but don’t forget to test your opponent as well. You don’t want to lose a match because you didn’t know about a glaring weakness in his game! This is why it’s often good to scout out an opponent in […]

Coaching Tip of the Week – Forehand Position for Backhands

(By Larry Hodges) When playing close to the table, you have very little time to make a transition from forehand to backhand shots, and vice versa. If you are playing a relatively quick backhand or in a fast rally, there’s no need to go into a backhand stance for this shot. Therefore, learn to play […]

Coaching Tip of the Week – The Seven Links of Table Tennis

(By Larry Hodges) There have been numerous discussions over the years over what is the most important part of table tennis. Many say the serve, or receive, or the forehand, or footwork, or consistency, or tactics, or mental strength, and so on. Of course, many of these discussions are like arguing which link in a […]

Coaching Tip of the Week: Practice Service Spin … on a Rug!

(By Larry Hodges) It’s often difficult to judge how much spin you are putting on the ball when you practice serves. Without this feedback, it’s not easy to improve your serves. So try this – find a large, carpeted room, and practice serving there. Spin the ball as if you were serving and try to […]

Coaching Tip of the Week: What Do You Do That Threatens Your Opponent?

(By Larry Hodges) If you don’t have something that threatens your opponent, then you can’t threaten the opponent.  So, how do you develop something that threatens an opponent? You can’t do it by just training everything equally each session. You need to spend a huge amount of time developing the things you can do that […]

Coaching Tip of the Week: Playing the Non-Adjuster

(By Larry Hodges) If your opponent is one who analyzes an opponent’s game and adjusts to it, and is able to identify patterns and take advantage of it, you need to be unpredictable and vary your tactics. But many players, probably most, do not do this. If your opponent is not one who adjusts, then […]

Coaching Tip of the Week: Changing the Pace

(By Larry Hodges) A major weakness of many players is an inability to change the pace, and thereby throw their opponent’s timing off. Not doing so is a quick way of helping your opponent’s timing. Many players try to change the pace, but do so unsuccessfully – either because they don’t know how to do […]

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