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Coaching Tip of the Week: A Trick to Beat a Tricky Pusher

(By Larry Hodges) Some players have very accurate pushes, and will push very wide to your backhand over and over – unless they see you stepping around, or even hedging that way. That’s when they push to your wide forehand and catch you off guard. Let’s say your forehand loop is stronger than your backhand […]

Coaching Tip of the Week: Tactics Early In a Match: Explorers and Dominators

(By Larry Hodges) There are basically two ways to play tactically early in a match. You can either feel your opponent out to see what he can do and then adjust your tactics based on this (“The Explorer”); or you can force your game on the opponent right from the start, making tactical adjustments as […]

Coaching Tip of the Week: Move Like a Pro

(By Larry Hodges) Most players go through the following sequence during each shot of a rally: Opponent is about to strike ball. Opponent strikes ball. Player sees incoming ball. Player decides if he has to move. Player moves. He’s slow to get to the ball and complains he’s too slow. Top players go through the […]

Practice to Master One Skill

(By Truong Tu) People watch video of high level matches with many amazing rallies and think that they have to practice fancy drill combinations. We need to admit that unless we have already reached the National or International level, our rallies usually end within 5 shots or less. Therefore, mastery of the basic skills and […]

Coaching Tip of the Week: Should You Develop Your Forehand Push?

(By Larry Hodges) At the lower levels, pushing is often over-used; at the higher levels, spectators often underestimate its value. All top players have excellent pushes. However, advanced players – and even intermediate players – rarely push against deep backspin to the forehand, unless they are very defensive choppers. It’s simply better for them to […]

Coaching Tip of the Week: Two Tips to Increase Forehand Looping Power

(By Larry Hodges) If you have trouble generating power when forehand looping, try out these two tips, and you’ll be surprised at the improvement. First, keep your legs farther apart. This gives more stability and more torque into the shot. Second, contact the ball more from your side. This forces you to use your whole […]

Coaching Tip of the Week: How to Vary Your Receive Against Short Backspin Serves

(By Larry Hodges) Most players return short backhand serves with a simple push, without much thought to it. This makes the player predictable and vulnerable to third-ball attacks. The key is to vary the return. Let’s take a look at just how many effective returns you can actually do against a short backspin serve – […]

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Coaching Tip of the Week: Use Quickness, Ball Placement, and Variation Against Short Serves

September 28, 2020
(By Larry Hodges) You should have different strategies for returning deep serves and short serves. (Short serves are… Read More

WAB CLUB FEATURE: Pleasanton Table Tennis Center

September 26, 2020
(by Steve Hopkins) Pleasanton Table Tennis Center is located at the center of Pleasanton, California to the East of San Francisco… Read More

Bowmar Sports Pop-Up Challenge and Give Away

September 26, 2020
TRUONG TU 🤜🤛 JAMES GOODWIN The match will be live streaming 🎥 on Bowmar Sports Facebook @bowmarsports Date:… Read More

PongNow: Peter Li

September 26, 2020
(by Steve Hopkins) The PongNow interview series discusses table tennis with some of the best players and personalities… Read More


September 24, 2020
(by Steve Hopkins) USA Table Tennis conducted its eighth Challenge Series event this week.   The event was another… Read More


September 23, 2020
(by Steve Hopkins) This is a Butterfly Favorite.  One of the strongest players through the Dusseldorf Masters Series… Read More

Ask The Experts: Di Yu, No. 356

September 23, 2020
Butterfly Table Tennis Question and Answer Question: I play close to table and sometimes mid range of table.… Read More

Happy 90th Birthday Tim Boggan

September 22, 2020
(by Steve Hopkins) Tim Boggan is turning 90 this Friday.  Longtime friend, Larry Hodges, has posted a request… Read More
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