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Ask The Experts: Di Yu, No. 176

Ask The Experts: Di Yu, No. 175 Butterfly Table Tennis Question and Answer Question: Which rubber should suit me in butterfly viscaria fl blade my game is attacking but donic coppa doesnt suit me give some advise that which rubbers should i buy Blade: Buttefly Viscaria fl Answer: This Ask the Experts question was answered […]

2018 US Open highlight coaching moments

(By Yu Di) 2018 US Open highlight coaching moments Being a coach at Triangle Table Tennis has always been challenge with how busy I am, but over the last 6 months I have been spending the time to spend some time playing competition all over the country. The biggest tournament of the year is the […]

Ask The Experts: Yu Di, No. 168

Ask The Experts: Yu Di, No. 168, A Butterfly question and answer Butterfly Table Tennis Question and Answer Forehand Rubber: Mark V (Max) Backhand Rubber: Mark V(2.1mm) Question: Hi, Im relatively new player playing almost daily for the last 6 months. I started playing with a pre-made racket about 6-8 weeks ago. After a local match one of […]

Ask The Experts: Yu Di, No. 125

Ask The Experts: Yu Di, No. 125 Butterfly Table Tennis Question and Answer Blade: Innerforce ZLC CS Forehand Rubber: Tenergy 05 (2.1mm) Backhand Rubber: Tenergy 05 FX (1.9mm) Question: I am trying to find the best rubber match on my Innerforce ZLC CS forehand. I have tried Tenergy 80 (2.1mm) and found the ball sticking on the rubber (dwell […]

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PongMobile Cup 2019 – Live stream information

February 15, 2019
The long-anticipated event is just a few days away. We’re super excited to present the most prestigious table… Read More

ICC Butterfly Winter Open Preview

February 14, 2019
(by Steve Hopkins) ICC will be host to the 3-day, 4-star ICC Butterfly Winter Open on February 22-24. … Read More

Wanting to Win Versus Hating to Lose

February 13, 2019
By Larry Hodges These are both great incentives in practice. Some want to win so badly that they’ll… Read More

WAB CLUB FEATURE: Allen & Sons Table Tennis Club

February 13, 2019
(by Steve Hopkins) Located in the San Fernando Valley, North of Santa Monica and Malibu in the greater… Read More

WAB Featured Club: Han-In Table Tennis Club

February 8, 2019
(by Steve Hopkins) With their location in Palisades Park, New Jersey, Han-In table Tennis is centrally located in… Read More

Boston Bruins’ Pucks & Paddles Raises $119,000

February 8, 2019
(by Steve Hopkins) The Boston Bruins held their annual PUCKS AND PADDLES ping pong tournament in Boston on… Read More

Straighten the Belt, and the Rest Falls into Place

February 4, 2019
By Larry Hodges Imagine when playing that your body is a belt. If your feet are in the… Read More

Pan American Cup Recap

February 4, 2019
(by Steve Hopkins / Photo by ITTF) Guaynabo, Puerto Rico was host to the Universal 2019 ITTF Pan… Read More
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