Bty Training Tips: Wenting Zha – Wide Angle Serve
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Bty Training Tips: Wenting Zha – Wide Angle Serve

Bty Training Tips: Wenting Zha – Wide Angle Serve

Bty Training Tips: Wenting Zha – Wide Angle Serve
(By Brian Pace/Wenting Zha)
The training video comes by way of Wenting Zha. It is a drill focused on wide angle serves.

Hello, my name is Wenting and welcome to Butterfly’s Training Tips.
One of the advantages of being left-handed is being able to create difficult angles on the serve. Following these steps is the easiest way to execute the off the side of the table serve.
There should be 80% sidespin on the ball to make sure that the ball has a high degree of curve on it.
The Other Spin
The other spin can be 20% underspin, or 20% topspin. Varying the underspin and topspin on the serve will make it even more difficult to navigate because the return may be return high, or it may go into the net.
Travel Path
The first bounce should be right before the centerline to make sure it goes off the side of the table, instead of being a deep serve.
Take the time to perfect this serve, and you will find a place for it in your game.
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