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Bty Training Tips: Jinxin Wang – Backhand Loop in Tournament Play

Bty Training Tips: Jinxin Wang – Backhand Loop in Tournament Play

Bty Training Tips: Jinxin Wang – Backhand Loop in Tournament Play
(By Brian Pace/Jinxin Wang)

Hello, my name is Jinxin Wang and welcome to Butterfly’s Training Tips

In this video I will give you some training tips on how to use the backhand loop in tournament play. This shot should be used when your opponent is avoiding your forehand, or when you set this shot up.

The backhand loop is the other shot to use to balance out your two-winged attack. There are several pathways into the point, and your goal is to develop all of them.

Drill: 3rd Ball Attack using Backhand loop
Serve underspin, your partner will push the ball deep to your backhand. Backhand loop crosscourt, then play the point out.

Common Error: Ball landing in the net

If your backhand loop attempt is traveling into the net, one possible adjustment is applying more thrust with the legs. Serving underspin creates spin, and the opponent pushing the ball adds additional spin. The arm-snap you create gives the ball the necessary arc, but it is the legs that create the trajectory up and over the net.  A backhand loop trajectory traveling 3-4 inches above the net is ideal.

Drill Extension: If you are interested in adding variation to this drill, you can place your opening backhand loop to your opponent’s middle. The area that is considered the opponent’s middle is the area centered at their elbow or hip. Placing the ball in this location will ensure that there must be a body position change before they take action to address the ball.

The reason you need the backhand loop is primarily for tournament play. It won’t take your opponent long to figure out staying away from your forehand is a good tactical option. The moment that you implement a backhand attack, it closes the door on them having a safe location to play the ball.

One of your biggest goals will be how this shot will fit into your game so that it does not disrupt your current attack sequences.

BTY Training Tips are produced by Brian Pace.  If you have video content that you would like to provide, please contact bpace@triangletabletennis.com


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