Ask The Experts: Rachid El Boubou
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Ask The Experts: Rachid El Boubou

    Ask The Experts: Rachid El Boubou
    Butterfly Table Tennis Question and Answer


    The backhand loop. Should the stroke be forward and up (concave) Or like the forehand loop up and forward (convex)?
    Also, should the blade be open or closed?



    This Ask the Experts question was answered by Rachid El Boubou. He is a Coach at Tulsa Table Tennis Club and his response is as follows:


    Regarding your question on the backhand loop, all of the new style players are leaning towards the forward and straight and then it depends on the ball –

     If it’s underspin then you should use the concave style, but if the ball is topspin then you can hit it forward and straight with a close blade position for power.

    Best of luck!

    Coach Rachid El Boubou

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