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Ask The Experts: Junya Chen, No. 187

    Ask The Experts: Junya Chen, No. 187
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    Blade: Butterfly Joo Saehyuk
    Hello coach,

    I have been using DHS Hurricane 3 Neo since I got the JSH blade. This is my first blade and I love it so much. However, it took me a long time to realize that this blade is considered stiff and since Hurricane 3 Neo is a pretty hard rubber, I can’t feel the ball. I was convinced that I just need to work on my technique to feel it but now I still can’t feel the ball especially when I chop. It also feels very hard during looping (feels like a smash). I enjoy using Hurricane (non-tensor) and I am not planning on switching to tensor or spring sponge any time soon since I still need to develop all the techniques. So I would like to ask for forehand rubber suggestions for JSH blade that is similar to Hurricane 3 Neo but would give me more “feel” on the ball when chopping and looping. Right now I am looking at Tackifire Drive. Thank you!


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    This Ask the Experts question was answered by Junya Chen. Coach Chen is the head coach at the Canadian Elite Table Tennis Training Centre in Mississauga. Coach Chen’s response is as follows:

    Hi Hung,

     Your assumptions are completely correct, Hurricane rubber has a very hard sponge, many non-professionals have a hard time mastering it.

     As a chopper, you must choose a forehand rubber that can chop and loop comfortably. Tackifire Drive’s stickiness will create powerful loops and it is also easier to control, it also generates excellent spin with your chops. Tackifire Drive is a superb choice for choppers, so I recommend you switching to it right away.

     Have fun,

     Junya Chen

    Canadian Elite Table Tennis Training Centre head coach


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