Ask The Experts: Judy Hugh
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Ask The Experts: Judy Hugh

    Ask The Experts: Judy Hugh
    Butterfly Table Tennis Question and Answer


    When spinning the ball should you wait till the ball hits the paddle or do you start your stroke prior to the ball hitting the paddle?



    This Ask the Experts question was answered by Judy Hugh. She is one of the coaches at the Lily Yip Table Tennis Center in New Jersey. Coach Hugh’s response is as follows:

    Hi Mike,

     When spinning, you will need start the backswing before your paddle contacts the ball in order to get momentum and energy.

     Once the ball comes off your opponent’s racket, you can see what direction the ball is going in, and that’s when you’ll want to start moving and getting in position.

     You can then start to backswing, not only with your arm, but with your body, and then accelerate into the ball and contact the top of the ball for spin.

     Good luck!

     Coach Hugh

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