Ask The Experts: Jinxin Wang
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Ask The Experts: Jinxin Wang

    Ask The Experts: Jinxin Wang
    Butterfly Table Tennis Question and Answer


    Question about forehand topspin (right hand)

    1. At the beginning of the movement (push from the floor) the pushing is only from right leg and left leg help it to balance of the body?
    2. Or left leg takes an active part of the movement – but less than the right leg?

    I don’t understand the role of the left leg at the beginning of the pushing from the floor?

    Very thank you

    Best regard


    This Ask the Experts question was answered by Jinxin Wang. Coach Wang’s response is as follows:

    Hi Ilian,

     That is a good question.

     The whole process of a top spin loop is shifting your weight from right to left. The height of your body at the starting position is depending on the height of the ball.

     Thanks for your question and I hope my answer helps you.


     Jinxin Wang


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