Ask The Experts: Yangyang Jia, No. 328 Coach Jia is a table tennis coach
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Ask The Experts: Yangyang Jia, No. 328

Ask The Experts: Yangyang Jia, No. 328

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Hi Yangyang:
Hello, I have been using Innerforce ALC (tenergy 80 + tenergy05) for 5 years, then I moved to JM SZLC (Dignics 80 + Dignics05) for 2 years, and now I am considering moving to the new T. Harimoto SZLC (Dignics 09C + Dignics 05) .

I am an offensive player who attacks the third ball or 1 as soon as he can. I play near the table. My game is topspin and blocking, and when I am brought to the cut game I try to counter topspin as soon as I can. I like to take the initiative of the game. I sacrificed speed control when I switched from Innerforce ALC to JM SZLC, though it didn’t take me long to master the potential of the JM SZLC sword. I would never use Innerforce ALC again, although I have tried it again and adapt easily, I like the lightness of JM SZLC more, although many times, due to the narrowness of the handle (I always use the AN version), I end up hitting it with my finger. I am very comfortable and adapted to JMSZLC, in fact I am not even worried about increasing the speed, but I am going to go from Dignics 80 to Dignics 09C in my Forehand, (I have tried to use Dignics 05 right but I do not feel with power, before I used Tenergy 05 Hard from right).

So in rubbers I only shuffle the following:

FH: Dignics 09c vs Dignics 80.

BH: Dignics 09c vs Dignics 05.

Wood: Jun Mizutani SZLC vs Tomokazu Harimoto SZLC.




Your Ask the Experts question was answered by Yangyang Jia. Coach Jia is a table tennis coach on YouTube and her response is as follows:

Dear Miguel,

Thanks for reaching out to us, we are happy to help you with your table tennis question.

First of all, it sounds very good that you already have a clear mind of what your playing style is, you know exactly what your strengths and weaknesses are. That’s usually the first step to take when it comes to choosing the right racket – define your playing style. Obviously, you have achieved that.

Honestly, I have never tried Innerforce ALC, so I am not sure how fast it is compared to the Jun Mizutani Super ZLC. The Jun Mizutani Super ZLC is very fast to me, so I believe you won’t lose too much speed advantage when you switch to it from the Innerforce ALC. Just a small suggestion for you to solve the problem of the narrowness of Jun Mizutani Super ZLC handle, you could try to put a rubber band which is especially made for the handle, some of my students do that, it works very well with them.

Here are some of my suggestions to help you choose the right racket:

  1. For rubbers: although we all haven’t tried the new rubber Dignics 09Cyet, but from the rubber description, we can tell it is a rubber which brings more power when you stay in the middle of the table and also gives you more control when you push or topspin. If power and control is what you want to achieve, I am sure Dignics 09C is well worth giving a try.
  2. Blade: Harimoto Tomokazu ALCis a prefect blade for you if you play close to the table, it brings you fast counter topspin. It would be a good match with Dignics 05 rubber. While the Mizutani Jun Super ZLC provides you more options to stand at different distances from the table, it would be a good match with Dignics 80 and Dignics 09C. Since you are going to try Dignics 09C, I would recommend you the keep Mizutani Jun Super ZLC for now. You could always test on Harimoto ALC, too.

 Hope those could help you with your question. Please let us know your feedback after you try the newest rubber, Dignics 09C. Thanks again for contacting us. Good luck with your table tennis.

 Best regards,


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