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Ask The Experts: Yangyang Jia, No. 304

Ask The Experts: Yangyang Jia, No. 304 Butterfly Table Tennis Question and Answer Question: I have been following your videos for over 18 months, and I like to congratulate you on the improvement in content and presentation since I started watching and learning from your videos. Many thanks indeed. In the above video, I note that you said that after the LA Open you have returned to Hurricanne 3 from Tenergy 05, and then you changed to Tenergy 05FX. Were you saying that you were experimenting with 05FX as the forehand rubber? I am very interested in what has been your experience with 05FX, be it in forehand or backhand? With the new larger and heavier balls, I thought that 05FX is longer an attractive rubber to advanced players like you. may be I am wrong. I am physically weaker than you, and I am considering to use 05FX 2.1mm on both sides on my Timo Boll alc racket, and my backup racket Mizutani zlc. I currently am using 05 1.9mm on both sides of the rackets. Hence I am very keen to know your experience with 05 FX. Answer:
Your Ask the Experts question was answered by Yangyang Jia. Coach Jia is a table tennis coach on YouTube and her response is as follows: Hi KK,

Thanks for reaching out to me and watching my videos for this long time. I’m so glad that you could find helpful and useful contents from my introductions.

For your questions:

I changed my forehand rubber from Tenergy 05 to Hurricane 3 (Provincial) because I wanted to maximize my serve advantages by generating various spins and get more spin on my loops with Hurricane 3. Then I switched from Hurricane 3 to Tenergy 05FX because Hurricane did help me generate more spin, but it decreased my speed and power. At that time, my friend recommended me to try Tenergy 05FX. After about 3-4 months playing, I got very good experience with Tenergy 05FX. It is very attack-oriented, quite fast and also very good control (compares to Tenergy 05 on the blocking).

I am not sure if Tenergy 05FX is popular among all other advanced players. Personally, I used Tenergy 05FX rather than Tenergy 05 because Tenergy 05 is a little too bouncy to me when I block a heavy and powerful ball. Tenergy 05FX is not that bouncy, so it could help me control better on the blocks.

Even I am using Dignics 05 right now, but I still think Tenergy 05FX is a pretty good choice. I would recommend you to try it out with your Timo Boll ALC.

I hope my answer could help you with your question. Best wishes to your table tennis.

Best Regards


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