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Truong Tu - Ask The Experts

Ask The Experts: Truong Tu, No: 96

Ask The Experts: Truong Tu, No: 96
Butterfly Table Tennis Question and Answer

Blade: Timo Boll ALC Proline
Forehand Rubber: Tenergy 05
Backhand Rubber: Tenergy 05


How am I supposed to set my feet when playing close to the table and mid-back? Also how do I improve my backhand and how to more spin on each shot with the backhand. What is one spin that can make my opponent hit it up so I can smash it?

Answer: Hi Jackson,

It depends on your playing style –

European style (All around with backhand and forehand as strong as each other): More flat stand, left foot and right foot almost paralleled facing the table.

Asian style (Forehand is stronger than backhand): Diagonally stand which Right foot move back a little bit, getting ready to step around using forehand.

Spin on the backhand: Rely a lot on the feeling of the wrist, the spin of the backhand come from a relaxed wrist with quick impact to the ball. Imagine throwing a frisbee (adding wrist motion at the end will increase the spin and the speed of the frisbee). Remember the backhand loop motion is the turn motion from inside your body out, not a push motion (again, throwing a frisbee).

The spin that will make the opponent hit up so you can smash is the slow topspin loop deep to the end line. It will make your opponent harder to find the timing to block the ball low.

Best of luck!

Truong Tu

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