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Ask The Experts: Truong Tu, No. 225 Butterfly Question and Answer

Ask The Experts: Truong Tu, No. 181

Ask The Experts: Truong Tu, No. 181
Butterfly Table Tennis Question and Answer


hello, currently I am 800 in fftt, and 990 in ufolep

Regarding my style of play, totally homemade game, I do a lot of backhand cuts, some attacks, many based on the placement of ball, and strollers, in forehand a few tops, and attacks, but I’m using more of my backhand, which is my biggest defect, so I would like to have your expert opinion, on the choice of my new racket, despite that, I manage to make 1 / 16th of final, even 1 / 8th of final, in tournament, since I play since 1988, and that I could improve in my game, knowing that I do very little training, because I work exclusively at night, and I manage a club and volunteer in different associations, plus I have two bone calcifications with osteoarthritis, both knees, with varicose veins and heavy legs, so limit in the movements, but my game requires a lot of movement, and vigilance compared to my opponent. here is a brief summary

if you can advise me in hardware and game strategy, I will be very grateful.

while waiting for your reply, I send you my best regards



bonjour , actuellement je suis 800 en fftt , et 990 en ufolep
concernant mon style de jeu , jeu totalement artisanale , je fais beaucoup de coupe revers , quelques attaques , beaucoup basé sur le placement de balle , et poussettes , en coup droit quelques tops , et attaques , mais je me sers plus de mon revers , qui est mon plus gros défaut , donc j’aimerai avoir votre avis expert , sur le choix de ma nouvelle raquette , malgres cela , j’arrive à faire des 1/16e de final , voire des 1/8e de final , en tournoi , depuis je joue depuis 1988 , et que pourrais je ameliorer dans mon jeu , sachant que je fais tres peu d’entrainement , car je travaille exclusivement de nuit , et je gére un club et benevole dans differentes associations , de plus j’ai deux calcifications osseuses avec arthrose , aux deux genoux , avec varice et jambes lourdes , donc limiter dans les déplacements , mais mon jeu demande beaucoup de déplacements , et de vigilance par rapport à mon adversaire . voici un bref résumé
si vous pouvez me conseiller en matériel et stratégie de jeu , je vous en serez tres reconnaissant .
en attendant votre reponse , je vous adresse mes salutations distinguées



This Ask the Experts question was answered by Truong Tu. Truong plays at the Silicon Valley Table Tennis Club in San Jose, CA. Coach Tu’s response is as follows:

Hi Jean-Francois,

 A backhand oriented game does not mean that it is not a good strategy as most of the European style is backhand oriented.

 If you want to have a better transition to forehand, I recommend you change your backhand stance with your right foot slightly behind your left foot; that way you do not have to switch the leg when hitting a forehand. Since your game is a close to the table game and need a lot of control, I would recommend –

 Blade: Matsudaira Kenta ALC (Arylate Carbon blade which give you the control, but not losing much power)

Rubber for forehand and backhand: Tenergy 05 (the most spin and control Tenergy rubber)

 Your game strategy would be a placement game, moving your opponent around with good angle shots. Change the direction before your opponent and control the game. (Such as serve short on the forehand and attack long to the backhand)

 Best of luck!

 Coach Tu


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