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Ask The Experts: Sung Soo Jung No. 347

Butterfly Table Tennis Question and Answer

Question: I want to switch to Butterfly gear, so I would ask you for advice on which gear to use. I want something for modern table tennis with a plastic ball. With a nice feel, good control, good block, good spin and sharp balls without being too soft for a modern game.


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This Ask the Experts question was answered by Sung Soo Jung. Coach Jung is the head coach at the Jung Table Tennis Club in Los Angeles, CA and his response is as follows:

Dear Sasa,
From your letter, I can assume  that you are serious about playing table tennis. However, without knowing your skill level, I can only make general suggestions.
For players whose U.S. rating is above 1,500, I would recommend the Zhang Jike Super ZLC.  Being  the first model with Super ZL Carbon style, the Zhang Jike Super ZLC blade possesses many excellent qualities such as precision and speed. The Zhang Jike Super ZLC blade enables players to feel power and control at the same time due to its special capability to broaden the area of reaction where the ball hits the paddle. There is a high consistency impact rate between the ball and various places of the blade so the ball will react similarly to the center of the blade as it would to the edge of the blade. 
For players whose U.S. rating is around 1,000 or lower, I would recommend the Timo Boll ALC. Timo Boll ALC is constructed with Arylate/Carbon layers. This type of construction technology offers players a great feel for the ball and will vibrate when the ball hits the paddle, ultimately providing more control. 
For rubbers,  I would recommend the Tenergy series.  They are comparable to the above mentioned paddles. Although high quality generally means high prices, investing in high quality rubbers is always a good strategy for a player who is constantly looking for a way to improve his or he skills. If you prefer more speed, I highly recommend the Tenergy 64.
I hope my recommendations were helpful. 
Sungsoo Jung 
Jung’s Table Tennis 

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