Ask The Experts: Sung Soo Jung No. 278. Butterfly Table Tennis Q&A
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Ask The Experts: Sung Soo Jung No. 278

Ask The Experts: Sung Soo Jung No. 278
Butterfly Table Tennis Question and Answer


I would like more control for spin. Thank you very much.


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This Ask the Experts question was answered by Sung Soo Jung. Coach Jung is the head coach at the Jung Table Tennis Club in Los Angeles, CA and his response is as follows:

Dear  Messier,
It’s great that you want to improve your techniques, which reflects  your seriousness in table tennis.  In order for you to achieve  the level you are aiming, choosing a blade and rubbers that fit your  personal playing style  is very essential. 
If you  are interested in switching blades,  I would like to recommend Timo Boll ALC that offers excellent power, speed and spin. Because Timo Boll ALC is constructed  with carbon layers,  it features a great feel for the ball, giving vibration when the ball hits the paddle, ultimately providing a player with more control.  You probably know that every blade comes with different weight.  From the blade you are currently using, an inference can be drawn that you prefer a lighter blade.  May I suggest  you ask for a blade that weighs 87g or 88g when you place an order with Butterfly?
My recommendation for the rubbers is Tenergy 05 Hard 2.1  for the forehand  and Tenergy 05 FX 2.1 for the backhand.  The Tenergy series  is excellent for players  who look  for rubbers  that provide better control  and power. 
Please note that  the thickness of the sponge I recommend  is 2.1 as opposed to your  current rubber of 1.9. The higher number yields  more power. 
Good luck!
Sungsoo Jung 


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