Ask The Experts: Steven Wang, No. 154 Question & Answer
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Ask The Experts: Steven Wang, No. 155 Question & Answer

Ask The Experts: Steven Wang, No. 155

Butterfly Table Tennis Question and Answer
BladeButterfly Viscaria & Timo Boll ZLC
ForehandTenergy 64
BackhandTenergy 80

Question: I have been using the Tenergy 64 for a few years now, mainly on my Timo Boll ZLC. The Tenergy 64 seemed great on that blade, but ever since I switched to the Viscaria, the Tenergy 64 seems almost too hard and my loops are going long. Could this be due to the difference in the blades and I just haven’t adjusted my swing? I’m thinking that maybe a little softer rubber would be better, like the Tenergy 80? I like to play mid distance and my FH loops were hitting the table with the Timo Boll ZLC and now I am missing those same ones. The question is: should I continue to adjust my stroke and keep the Tenergy 64 or should I try a little softer rubber like the Tenergy 80 to compensate for the difference in the blade? Thank you in advance for your time.

Coach Steven Wang, Ask The Experts

Hi Tyson,
First, practice with your paddle angling a little bit more downward.
After you practice, if you feel that this is not helpful, then you could change to a softer rubber. If you want another suggestion for softer rubber, you could try Tenergy 64-FX. It is almost the same as Tenergy 64, except softer. This way, there wouldn’t be as much of a change and you won’t have to adjust as much.

 I hope this is helpful.

Best wishes,
Coach Wang
Silicon Valley Table Tennis Club

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