Ask The Experts: Nan Li, No. 53
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Ask The Experts: Nan Li, No. 162: A Butterfly Question & Answer

Ask The Experts: Nan Li, No. 53

Ask The Experts: Nan Li, No. 53
Butterfly Table Tennis Question and Answer

Blade: Timo Boll W7
Forehand: Tenergy 64-FX
Backhand: Tenergy 80-FX

Question:  Besides Tenergy 64-FX and Tenergy 80-FX I’ve got Tenergy 05-FX and Tenergy 25-FX. I just want to know, which of these rubbers suits perfect with this blade? Thanks.

Answer: Hi Miqueas,

Thanks for your question and interest in Butterfly equipment.

I recommend for you to try the Tenergy 80-FX with the Timo Boll W7 blade. Typically you want to pair softer rubbers with harder blades and harder rubbers with softer blades.  In your case, the Timo Boll W7 has a hard feel and combining it with a softer rubber like the Tenergy 80-FX would be a good fit. The Tenergy 80-FX provides a great balance between close to mid distance play to the table along with great spin and speed while still having great control.

Hope you find this helpful and enjoy your new blade!

Nan Li
Coach @ WCTTA

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