Ask The Experts: Lily Yip, No. 160, Butterfly Question & answer
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Ask The Experts: Lily Yip, No. 160, Butterfly Question & answer

Ask The Experts: Lily Yip, No. 160, A Butterfly Question and answer

Ask The Experts: Lily Yip, No. 160, A Butterfly Question and answer

Ask The Experts: Lily Yip, No. 160, A Butterfly Question and answer

BladeTimo Boll ALC / Innerforce Layer Series ZLC
BackhandTenergy 05

Question: Hello, i am learning how to chop and i was wondering what kind of pimples the player in the video below uses. I am using my back up blade (Timo Boll ALC) with Tenergy 05 to loop on, and spinlord gimfelsturm. My friend gave me those pips. I DONT EVEN KNOW what kind they are!! can u please tell me? And suggest a good pimples rubber to chop well on like muramatsu yuto or kentaro miuchi? It doesnt seem that hes using long pimples in the video im linking you. Lastly, can you recommend me a blade that is good for chopping? My main blade is Innerforce Layer ZLC, which is a tad bit slower but more control than my tb alc. Do you think ill be able to develop a chopping game using either of those until I can get a new one? I’m a college student so i can’t afford one right away. Thank you so much 🙂

Coach Lily Yip, Ask The ExpertsAnswerHello Omar,

Many players learning to chop will start with long pimples. Butterfly Feint Long III is a great example, usually long pimple is good for starting to develop good feeling and control for defensive play. Some players will later transition to short pimple which is able to hide the spin on each chop better and become harder to read for your opponent, this has become more and more common in the modern game.

I would recommend a long pimple with around 1.5 to 1.7 sponge, after developing with this you can decide more about what you like and what you want from your pimples i.e., better closer or far from table and able to attack etc.

Most defensive players will opt for defensive options like the Joo Saehyuk or Innershield Layer ZLF but you may attack more with forehand and require more control. Fast wood blades can be a good balance but with carbon you may find it difficult to chop consistently and keep enough control. 

It is better to tailor the speed to your defensive side in order to avoid creating a weaker side.

Hope this is helpful for you.

Good luck!


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