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Ask The Experts: Li Yuxiang, No. 48

Ask The Experts: Li Yuxiang, No. 48
Butterfly Table Tennis Question and Answer

Question: I am an amateur table tennis player (Chinese penhold) at intermediate level. My style is quick attack plus loop (forehand). My backhand is traditional push and block. Perhaps I will learn loop for backhand (rubber on the other side) in the future.
My top priority is ball control and then ball speed and spin.
I read some articles and butterfly blade introduction. It seems TAKSIM blade suitable to me. My question is which butterfly rubber I should use?

  • What are differences between Bryce, Tenergy and Sriver rubber?
  • Is Tenergy 25 better than Tenergy 05? Tenergy 64 better than Tenergy 25?
  • Tenergy 25-FX rubber is softer than Tenergy 25. Why both have same speed and spin (speed 13.25 and spin 11.0)?
  • Is Tenergy 25 FX better than Tenergy 25 in ball controlling?
  • When I use Free Chack II to glue butterfly rubber to TAKSIM blade, how many millimeter (ml) do I need for one side?

Your expertise and help are really appreciated.

Answer: Mr. Cai,

Tenergy is Butterfly developed 3rd generation rubber.  Bryce, Sriver are the old product.  All type of  Tenergy rubbers including FX have better control, because it is softer.  For your situation, I think you should use Tenergy 25-FX, better control, also more sticky.  “Taksim” is a good blade.  You apply “Free Chack” glue to the blade and rubber evenly, does not matter how much.  If you apply twice, will have better result.  Hope you will play better.

Coach Li

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