Ask The Experts: Brian Pace, No. 274
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Ask The Experts: Brian Pace, No. 283

Ask The Experts: Brian Pace, No. 274

Ask The Experts: Brian Pace, No. 274
Butterfly Table Tennis Question and Answer


1.How good is the old Butterfly Jonyer Han blade( 5 play hinoki wood) for the new poly ball( 40+)? Some say that it lacks power for the poly balls. 2. Which rubbers do you suggest for FH AND BH? At present I have Tibhar nianmor( max) for FH and MarkV ( max) for backhand.


Your Ask the Experts question was answered by Brian Pace. Coach Pace is National Level Table Tennis Coach with Dynamic Table Tennis and his response is as follows:


Hello Sathya,

Thanks for your question. The Jonyer blade was a fantastic blade for the 38mm ball and speed glue era. Since the ball size has increased and speed glue has been eliminated, it has changed the landscape of how equipment set-ups are chosen. 

Blade Choice: Korbel

The Korbel blade is right in the sweet-spot of Offensive blades, and it is a great upgrade for you. This blade was modified down from a bigger head to a small one, making it more compact and expanding the sweet-spot right during this same era of change. This is one of the more balanced all-wood blades that gives you the power you need, along with the control you are accustomed to. 

Rubber Choice (compared to Nianmor): Spin Art

Spin Art is a great blade to go with the Korbel as it has more tackiness than the Nianmor, has many gears to play medium and hard shots, and has a long shelf-life. The best quality of the Spin Art is it has an aggressive throw angle, so your power shots will have a sharper trajectory downward to the table 

Rubber Choice (compared to the Mark V): Bryce

With the 40+ ball upgrade, glue ban, and the addition of the poly ball, you need that power back, and it needs to come from the equipment to ensure you aren’t overplaying your shots. Bryce is as perfect an upgrade that you can go to. Most players backhands aren’t as explosive as the forehand, so Bryce gives that power back without sacrificing any control. 

Transitional Period

With this new set-up some of your normal shots will feel foreign, so don’t get alarmed if some of your tried and true shots are off the mark. You will naturally calibrate and they will find their way back to the table without using as much effort. 

Good Luck with your training and  improvement. 

Best Wishes



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