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Blade: Timo Boll Spirit

Question:  Hi, I recently bought myself a Timo Boll Spirit blade and I want to buy rubbers for it. I know I want the Tenergy 05 but I am still really confused about the differences between the 1.9mm and the 2.1mm versions. Out of what I have read in forums around is that the 2.1mm: more powerful, more spin and the 1.9mm: less powerful, less spin, more control So I am really confused on how much control I would lose with the blade I am using because I don’t want all my shots going out of the table as well 🙁 I am in intermediate player by the way.  Thanks in advance for the reply 🙂

Answer:  Hi Jose,

Your question is a very good one as many people struggle with the thickness that they are comfortable with. The 2.1mm rubbers are more for the advanced players as it takes a higher skill level to control it. Therefore, in my opinion I think you should start with the 1.9mm and see how that feels for you. If it feels right, then stick with that. If you feel you need a little more spin and power, you can always upgrade to the 2.1mm.

Best of luck!

Andre Ho
Bridgeport Sports Club

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