Progress Made

Fresh from taking third spot at the Liebherr 2016 Men’s World Cup, Wong Chun Ting is rapidly becoming a household name in world Table Tennis.

Wong Chun Ting has always attracted attention because of the exciting and exuberant way in which he has played, but until recently the Hong Kong player had failed to establish himself as a regular contender for silverware on offer at the more prestigious tournaments. He had threatened to cause upsets on many occasions at past events, but at the crucial stages he had just fell short.

However, now that has changed; simply through dint of effort, through refusing to surrender he has become a player of true world class. Furthermore, he has kept a dying art alive; he is a penhold grip player, one of the very few based at the top end of the world rankings list competing on the current international scene.

Keeping a Dying Art Alive

The other name that comes to mind when discussing the penhold grip is that of China’s Xu Xin who is a former Men’s World Cup winner, but Wong Chun Ting’s playing style is more in the mould of the now retired Wang Hao.

Athletic, determined and hard working Wong is the style of player who delights the crowds wherever he plays, and his character makes him equally endearing. With the ever present bright smile beaming across his face, Wong Chun Ting is the same young man now as he was when narrow defeats were followed by more narrow defeats.

Glowing Personality

Wong is humble, there is not a hint of arrogance or self-importance; always there a friendly approach, with the utmost sincerity. It was that approach which Adam Bobrow was delighted to encounter when he met the Hong Kong star to produce the most recent edition of ‘Ask A Pro Anything’, the pleasant, amiable personality shone through. Meet Wong Chun Ting…