2018 Phoenix Chinese Week Table Tennis Open results and photos

2018 Phoenix Chinese Week Table Tennis Open results and photos

(Courtesy of Phoenix Table Tennis)
2018 Phoenix Chinese Week Table Tennis Open results and photos

2018 Chinese Week Table Tennis open was completed on Jan. 28, 2018. 72 players attended this annual event that lasted 11 hours and a half from 8:30 AM to 8:00 PM. With hundreds of match for total 8 competitive events, the final winners were listed below. Congratulations!

Phoenix Chinese Week is proud to present the event sponsors:

BUTTERFLYWentian Yang, John Lee, Zhen Hu, Patrick Ekbundit

Besides, we appreciate our event volunteer: Karina Yang

Since 2000, Chinese Week table tennis open has been organized by event director, Amoy Yang, for consecutive 18 years. According to him, this is a great FUN event to connect all table tennis fans in valley to celebrate Chinese New Year.  As such, all trophies and medals every year are engraved with zodiac image and Chinese week logo to promote Chinese culture through Chinese national most influential sport – table tennis. The system has been continuously improved to make the event more attractive and impressive.  This is why Phoenix Chinese week Table Tennis has non-stop running for the past 18 years with great supporting from vendors, sponsors and  all participants.

Hope all participants enjoyed this event with a fun, learning, practicing as well as social activity. As always, we are here to get feedbacks from you. For any inputs or any interests, please contact:


Results for 2018 Chinese Week Table Tennis Open
Events  1st Place 2nd Place
Open Singles  Ma, Jiangwei Mack, Ray
U1900 Singles  Zhou, William Burg, Mike
U1600 Singles  Xu, Frank Kaster, Sean
U1300 Singles  Shang, Rong Barry, Sean
U3800 Doubles  Ma, Jiangwei + Zhang, Xueli Mack, Ray + Roberson, Ray
U3200 Doubles  Le, Phuong + Ngvyen, Timothy Cong, Jonathan + Xu, Wayne
U2600 Doubles  Fuschino, Mike + Hamberg, Peter Zhang, Kathrine + Yang, Hedi
U6500 Team  Ma, Jiangwei + Zhang, Xueli+ Liu, Niu + Zhang, Xiaohan Le, Phuong + Lam, Thai+ Hickman, David + Cassidy, Ron